Gout Pony's 'A Family Gouting': The Game

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Gout's about! There's no need to grout! Don't pout! Get some gout!

Gout Pony's 'A Family Gouting: The Game'™ is the ultimate experience in gout! Play avant-garde author Robert Coover as he fails to care about obstacles! Pass through the gnashing jaws of Jeremy Kyle! Eat asparagus and organ meats to give yourself the condition that everybody's talking about!

No offense is intended towards those who really suffer from gout.

Genres abound in this absurdist, experimental, but deeply playable game.

Each short level is based upon one of the songs from Gout Pony's first EP 'A Family Gouting'™. Far more than an in-joke, yet so much less than a real game, this may be the first genuine "art game"™ to be developed to be played alongside an EP and both game and EP can be enjoyed together TODAY for -- no money -- ! The levels follow the track listing (with track 8 as a *bonus level*) however the entire long-form EP/ short-form LP has been converted to scintillating MIDI form for his/ her pleasure.

Listen to the album here:

And live the game!

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Only 'Aluminum Alloy Die

Only 'Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Office Chair,Aluminium Bronze Casting Parts' was appropriate for this game, with had a development length far in excess of 2 hours. Its messy, ambitious and absurdist form perfectly encapsulates the Dream of Aluminum and the Mantle of Bronze Casting.

"A little less love, and a little more common decency." (Kurt Vonnegut)


Are those midis manually converted by ear/talent or you got yourself a nice program thing? I just like to know more about how people are midiing it out.

I'd have commented earlier but i had an early day and well, you know. There is a LOT going on... custom sprites, modified sprites.. You put a LOT of work into it.. I think personally and this is just my direction the plotline frames that describe the plot should be skippable like with uhh, = or something... though i recently adopted > or . that way if you want to replay it it is constant. of COURSE as you know i'm all about the bob ross philosophy of "You can do anything you want to do. This is your world." I'm happy you could share it with us and that it doesn't make me the lone contributor of a potentially amazing game..

I was kinda hoping the OP would've made the event a little longer. Potentially the nicest automated message event we had, didn't even put secret links in the html or anything. No true hidden agenda.. just loved some games of golf, wanted to pass on the message to everyone about the dangers... environmentally friendly, little thought..

But yeah, back to the game.. it was pure chaos, i liked it. I was trying to conjure up the music tracks on bandcamp but my opera setup doesn't like bandcamp for some reason... i think it's the flash object that reloads itself and forces low quality... pages hate that! I'm glad it was some tracks in midi. I didn't know what i was doing, there were a lot of crazy animation, it was pure chaos everywhere..

Sounds like one of my games.. But there's a lot more raw art and animations and more personal touch in these than any of mine, aka stuff that tends to consume a LOT of time. I'd like to know how much you put into . I usually make any personal touch subtle and site-generated, but this; this is a wonderful flavor and I'd like to see more... and I probably should check it out, cuz that's what I do. Give me some time and I'll check some archival stuff eventually. Thanks again.


Wonderful work, everyone else don't miss out,

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Thanks, b! That's such a

Thanks, b! That's such a kind review. It did take a long time - a kept coming back to it over a year, as a gift for Tim (one of the other band members). My drawing style is pretty demented, so I thought that if I married it to a world which was similarly unhinged, it might produce an interesting result! It did become a bit of a labor of love!

As for the MIDI, I shall inquire with Joe what program he used. He's very talented musically, but he said that the program itself was simple. It was really exciting for me to hear our music converted into MIDI form!

Thanks again - I shall play your jazz game over the weekend! :D

"A little less love, and a little more common decency." (Kurt Vonnegut)

Yah, this one I remember, it infested and was everywhere

but It had everything.. I added it to me favorites.. I'll make sure if I add more games to favorites i'll unfav/refav so it gets top billing, since it was the first official game that went with Expensive Jackie: event. It earned that legacy billing. for how long? I don't know, I suppose a while though.