The Evil Jewel

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The first game made for the Evil\Strange\Weird Artifacts! Woo-hoo!

Anyway you play as a jewel that's cursed and you run around killing people.

took me about 5 minutes to make, my shortest time for making a game.

hope you enjoy it.

Reha Soft
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An event


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Help meh!

If someone could tell me how to make the .gam file into an .exe they'd be a big help. Thanks.

-Reha Soft

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Look in the File menu for

Look in the File menu for "Save as stand alone" or something along those lines. You might want to save the game to a new folder and then just zip up said folder so you don't forget to include any necessary files. You might also want to package knps.dll and knpg.dll inside the .zip for those who don't have Klik & Play installed.

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thanks Dattorz! You've been a huge help.

i'm changing the file to have a setup application for both games i've posted.

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Just create a normal EXE.

Just create a normal EXE. Users generally find setup programs annoying to use.

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Well, usually, the klik N Play setup program is easy to use.,

I'll try to use it and if people don't like it i'll change to just a plain .EXE.

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Nice game! I miss Klik N'

Nice game!

I miss Klik N' Play, i got Windows 7 and that doesn't make play old games.

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Yeah, I'm lucky, I have Windows Vista 32-Bit installed, frankly I'm pushing the envelope for KNP.

It's my favorite gamemaking tool, I've tried TGF 2 but I didn't like it.

Yeah I got

Failed to detect game in archive. I clicked here to elaborate. Naturally I'll go through and potentially go back once I've cruised through your other stuff, You've upped quite a quiver of games real quick. 14 uploads in 3 weeks? thats insane. And you took the time to make a screenshot for each one. Looks like you just clicked printscreen, but even still, still had to save the image and organize it. There's dedication there. If you attach them to events and have an executable in them I'd be happy to click on all of them. Course if they're klik n play exes I'll probably get the 16 bit subsystems error once in a while and might drag it into my mmf2 and play em that way, but yeah this is quite a revelation.

Course naturally if I upped all my old stuff here like you did I would have double, I try to put up the stuff I'm proud of. give me time, bug me on the channel #glorioustrainwrecks on if I haven't given any feedback on it and I'll take the time to give each one a look. It can be a quiet room sometimes but you'll be welcomed as a friend if you're into the other side of the equation. Take care. b