Escape from the Crazy Place - A Glorious Trainwreck?

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Hello everybody! I stumbled upon this website through a competition I organise on the Intfiction forum called Ectocomp - one of the entrants has hosted her game "You Are a Blob" here. The moment I arrived and read your mission statement I realised that this is the perfect home for a game of mine, "Escape from the Crazy Place", a CYOA type of game which I started writing (on paper) in 1983 and finished in 2006. It is nothing if not a Glorious Trainwreck and I'd love to submit it.

The only trouble is that it's written in TADS 2, which requires an interpreter and is not as widely used as it used to be. I'm currently porting it to Twine but there are something like 600 pages so it's taking me a while. So my question is, should I submit the TADS 2 version, and if I do will anyone play it? Or should I hold off until the Twine version is finished?

You can play Escape from the Crazy Place here, if you want to see what it's like:

Thank you for creating this wonderful website. I love things that are terrible in a way that is AWESOME, be they games, films or books, and it is great that you are celebrating them here.

You can play Escape from the Crazy Place here:

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My suggestion would be to

My suggestion would be to upload the TADS version (perhaps with a few instructions on getting it running) and then later updating the post with the Twine version. Part of the purpose of this site is preservation, so I think having all versions saved here is the best idea.

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Plus I think

Plus I think glorioustrainwrecks.exe actually might play TADS games via Gargoyle? If it doesn't, it should be a quick fix.

(Also hi! Welcome!)

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Thank you! I've uploaded the

Thank you! I've uploaded the TADS 2 version as suggested. Hopefully I'll be updating to the TWINE version before long. I feel as though my game has at long last found its spiritual home.