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Oh gosh, the downloads are huge.

I downloaded as many of the things listed here (http://ethicalgames.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/unity-asset-store-100-free-assets-in-my-new-unity-asset-store-guide/) as I could, then used them to make something interesting to explore. I don't know what happened to the jumping, but it's good.

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Oh my gosh

Incredibly Surreal and weird. Great job!

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Thanks / plans

Thanks! I'm looking forward to expanding these Unity things I've been making into something gigantic and endless seeming. Like some big fuzzy, inescapable, dream thing. It's a shame Unity games get so big, though; I don't like asking people to download ~100MB files. At least the web-based one is leaner, I guess.

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Endless terrain in unity

Endless terrain in unity isn't too hard to pull off, I made something like that a few days ago with this script here: http://answers.unity3d.com/storage/attachments/1978-infiniteterrain.zip

If you make a terrain, attach this script to that terrain, and assign a player object to track, it tiles the existing terrain around the player, so the terrain is "endless", so the next steps is to basically make the original terrain huge, tweak the distance fog, add a skybox and place a bunch of trees, I ended up with this: http://furryrobots.tumblr.com/post/67041173125/messing-with-unity-and-very-large-terrain-stuff . You'll have to tweak the draw distance a bit to make things not pop in and out, but it's a really nice starting point. Just make sure the edges of your terrain are flat, because the script places everything adjacent and doesn't stitch up terrains. But you can basically walk forever and not run out of room.

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Oh! That's very useful!

Oh! That's very useful! Thanks!

That's a really thorough message

The execution is done really well, and with the way it's written it looks really helpful. I am in awe at such a comment like this one, it really addes to the conversation and brings help to anyone who reads it and knows anything at all whatsoever about unity. Great work, and great avatar. I'm truly inspired, not by the comment cuz I don't really know much about unions and unity.. I'm more of a dispersement kinda d00d and unity is kinda scary just in the name, but the look, WOW, what a look. You've done a really great work. I'd give it a 9/10 just on effort and it being so heartfelt.

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the web loading time is next

the web loading time is next to nothing :)
definitely dream like, freaked me out a little. goes well with music.
got a lot more exploring to do. o, the siren song of Unity.

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I like how the movement

I like how the movement controls affect not only your FPS movement but also that monster at the top of the ruined tower.

I love weird exploration games like this. I also think that vertical level design is highly underrated (which this game has plenty of). It's a bit of a shame that the different level models are spaced so far apart, especially vertically, that free exploration is a bit difficult.

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Do you mean because you

Do you mean because you can't really get back from anywhere; you have to pick a course and stick with it until you reset? That's a good point. I wanted to play with the weird jump that turned up, but I'll have that in mind next time. I like vertical exploration in 3-D games too, but the only recent-ish game to feature it I can think of is that underrated 3-D Bionic Commando game.

I like that monster too. I guess he is meant to be a player character and had movement built-in.

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Yeah, I wish I didn't have

Yeah, I wish I didn't have to press Esc a whole bunch. At least have something along the lines of platforms that let you scale the level from bottom to top again? I think having a floor at the very bottom might help, too.

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I think a solution I would

I think a solution I would like would be to loop the level vertically. SO when you fall a certain distance you reappear a certain distance about the world. I must admit I do like being able to fall into an endless void space, though.

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Gravity-free controls

Gravity-free controls in an environment like this could be pretty amazing.

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I think the problem with

I think the problem with free flight FPS controls is that it doesn't really encourage exploration. With platforming you are forced to be close to the environment you are exploring, whereas with free movement you can just see everything from afar.

But perhaps free movement might be good for scouting out interesting places to visit while gravity-bound.

Edit: Never mind.

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Apologies for my stealth

Apologies for my stealth edit. I think you still have a point; I imagine free flight controls work better for exploration in more claustrophobic environments than the one in this game.

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Wow, some of the places you

Wow, some of the places you can reach in this are absolutely terrifying.

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Shake your 100 Free Assets

Shake your 100 Free Assets

And win a free screenshot

and an ERR to boot.

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* " *


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Weird idea: I wonder what

Weird idea: I wonder what kind of level you could make out of using nothing but different sized copies of that space station level with the yellow bridges.

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(D .. D )

I've actually been using that as a base object for a thing currently titled 'YOU ARE METROID', which is also me playing with vertical exploration more deliberately.

I finally grabbed this

and I'd like to say I opened it up using the event loader kinda machine thing because I honestly don't know what unity is or how the expletive those things work or open, and I got this deep and spiritual message: "There should be '100freeassets_win32_Data' folder next to the executable" and wow, I've really felt great looking at that message. the work is splendid. If I had to wait a while to get a message like that, it was worth the wait. The screenshot indeed looks slightly different but all and all I'm very happy with the experience I got. Wonderful work and solid execution. A+a+a+a+ wouild recommend. GG. GG

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Hmmm. Well that's a launcher

Hmmm. Well that's a launcher issue, I can assure you. I've downloaded the .RAR and extracted and run it myself and it works fine. You don't need to install anything extra to run Unity 3D (unless you are running them via your Internet browser) so it'll run just like any .EXE should.

On freeindiegam.es someone's had trouble with the Mac version, so if anyone can speak to that it would be very helpful. Though I'll be able to test it myself tomorrow.

Well, it is such a big file

maybe it didn't decompress right, like for instance the one I see for winnie is 5000k or so, and I think the real one is a lot bigger. Lemme try to use a download manager because sometimes I need a manager to manage my download life, talk to it, describe it. I think in time I will come to an understanding of about it and try it one more time. That might be my issue since there was a corruption in the 64 bit exec, and there might be more... or the other ones don't exist.. I will meditate on it and come up with another detailed sypnosis with the update and all. Alright, I'm gonna click send now and hopefully those words don't corrupt with my bad internet connection and i'll copypaste it this time so i don't "loose" it, haha. such a common misspelling, if you want to win the conquering of loose, take an o away and you will lose the o, but win the spelling bee. OVER AND OUT.

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I love the whal

I love the whale

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At some point I went around

At some point I went around sightseeing and took some snapshots but neglected to post them. Here's the first one downscaled:

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pure 3d crazyness

what a good idea you had of making this

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I played _Parrot Dream_ and

I played _Parrot Dream_ and then this one. When I began to fall in this one, I thought it was a really neat way to traverse and explore the objects. I enjoyed watching everthing abstract, make sense, then abstract again as it went into the distance. The second time I played, I noticed the launch ramp and tried to make it to the other cluster. I had my doubts on my way, but I just barely made it. I wonder if you pressed "play" in Unity, made that jump, paused it, recorded the transform.position, and then placed the brink of the object there; it was that close.

I want to make a falling-past-3d-models game now.

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There's something really

There's something really oppressive about this game. The world is so massive, and unlike a conventional game where the world is tailored to the player's movement physics, this one is just totally unaccommodating to your existence. Also there's no audio or feedback of any sort... it makes you feel like you don't matter at all.

My favorite part was the whale. I like that it was placed in a spot where you never quite get to see it's entire body, even if you jump as far as you can.

It's funny; due to the lack of audio in-game, my soundtrack was my neighbor doing work on his house, so mechanical noises and metallic banging. It felt appropriate to the game, somehow.