Levelheader Train takes Turmoil Tormented Turbulence off Tutu's Thirsty Think fork Trial tunes


Yeah, so you were Garunchy and were walking down the lane and stuff and realize you have to tape it up or it won't be pleasant. It needs lots of tape. Tape could lead to a corridor of essential courage given to you by going through the 10 trials that befall you. Some are a challenge, others involve gliding and walking, as you know best if you know how to open these worlds..

If you don't Check Event Created For: and click on Melinda's Bit Buster Clubhouse Crafter Challenge and check out the whole scene. You can click on the one I just conjured up here too. I myself took my time getting the program and learning the curves. Heck, it's fun to just doodle in the thing. It's freeform, like a tree with quilt lanterns and stuff..

Oh right, back to the plot:

Uhh, so you like rest and stuff okay? OKAY... That's what happened. Anyway I'm not expecting a big reception here or anything, just a line to uhh, check out the whole thing and take a look at a potentially cool level editor, even though it took me a while to figure out how to start it on the right level thing. This could be your tie dye envelope if you wanted it to. I should know because my first level editor was "mr. robot and his robot factory" Product description too long. Check out tile world, CCEdit, play an intro, and have fun and check this one out if you want.. if not, you can get most of the experience through the GIF.. haha what a small file. Can so much entertainment come out of such a little bit of output? That's up for YOUR to Decide (for joke)



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Playing this right

Playing this right now!

Making this post to inform you that you made two mistakes inside the .dac: filename is missing the .dat at the end, and lastlevel=1 is causing the congrats screen to appear after you finish the first level.

Edit: OMG, this set is hilarious! Thank you for making this!

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I'm not sure what's going on here but I like it

exploration based CC levels??? maps that only challenge you horizontally and not verically?? jokes that aren't apparent unless you open the levels in the level editor? sounds like 'zzt' to me, but it is "CC" by ghettoflower!


Yeah, I for-GOT ABOUT THAT.. I was so dead on getting it to starton the first level that once I saw it I don't know if i tested it, or if it ran in tile world all the way through. I knew there would probably be an error that results in making a very slight revision hence what i put in the revision/changelog. I try to make it as historically accurate as possible. Thanks guys for uhh, checking it out.. I didn't intend for it to be a play in the the xhin book. Bug me to play the other sets that were recently up, but i'll make an effort. at least a d for effort, even though there's an f in there.