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sad and haunting

sad and haunting. I like how you represent the hugeness and emptiness of this valley... At first I was annoyed by the music, this typical thecatamites annoying looping thing. But now I really think it adds up to the experience.

The minus for me is the final caption. The first line about the valley going back to sleep is beautiful, enigmatic and carries interesting ideas... I wish it would stop there.

On the other hand, I sometimes dislike it when people leave comments saying "it should be like this or like this" although nobody asked for their suggestions.

mmmmmm you're probably right

mmmmmm you're probably right about the caption. i don't like the idea of just some unreflectingly "evocative" final coda but the mixed register thing feels like a reflex by now.... as i was writing up the ending i started thinking about playing a friend's old cartridge of Secret Of Mana as a kid and using his save file to fly around in all these dungeons which had already been completed, not having a coherent mental framework for all these disparite areas, but stuff like this might be better left implicit. i may upload a new version when i have some time.

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i personally like where you

i personally like where you ended it. for me at least, there was this interesting interplay at the end where i read the "personal" anecdote's reflection on the music and i let myself listen, really listen, to the music and find the same kind of value in it the narrator does. it reminds me of Link's Awakening (my first videogame), and how Marin's Song ( means and evokes a bunch of emotional and conceptual ideas for me but might not for other individuals. In searching for what something meant for someone else ("forcing me to exercise empathy" ?) I found something that meant something to me, and in that slight moment where I wasn't interacting with the game and the music was playing "evoked" in a different ("more deep, human" ?) way than the first line simply evoked on a language-basis. i was moved because i felt like i'd been given entrance into a human's formative thoughts/intimate spaces.

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Wow. This has such a great

Wow. This has such a great atmosphere.