Snowbot Cosmonaut

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Endless survival in the frozen wastes.

Enter to start
F2 to restart
Space to shoot
Arrow keys to move

Starts in full screen mode
Alt+Enter should exit full screen mode

Soundtrack included

Libra V. Lahaie
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An event


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Wish this kept a score! I

Wish this kept a score! I really like how you can spawn an unlimited number of cosmonauts by continuing to press enter - it's got a neat dynamic of simultaneously making you more powerful and more vulnerable (since the game ends if any one of them is hit).

I didn't realize this!

I didn't realize this! Wooooow, haha.

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I didn't have time to implement a score. I had some of my friends playing it, competing to see who survived the most waves.

I had a friend who also tried to exploit the multiple player glitch... the extra firepower is rad, but you're better served being as small a target as possible. I like how it makes the music echo.

ALSO the shooting sound effect plays every time the space bar is pressed, including at the title screen, which let's you remix the intro song in a way. HA.

I'm glad you enjoyed it Jeremy, I've been telling everyone who'll listen about Glorious Trainwrecks. I'm sure I've said it before, but thanks for creating this site for all of us.

Merry Christmas to you and yours, and all my fellow Trainwreckers.



beautiful! the music too!

Music is really great (is it

Music is really great (is it yours?!). Love the style of the art too.

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In a way...

It's generated by a program called Dunc's AlgomusicV56. You enter a word, sentence, or string of characters and it translates it into a really worrisome sounding tune.

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oh my gosh I just grabbed

oh my gosh I just grabbed this and it generated "Symmetry of Fiendish Hate" and DAAAMN that OPENING

someone should totally start a Dunc's AlgoMusic thread