Auf Wiedersehen, Mogey


this makes 50 of the daily games. i am going to take a break from them for a little while. i overwhelmingly enjoyed making them, though, so may try to start back up again at some point... keep an eye out for the bundled pack of all these games in 2014 hopefully. well, thanks for playing :o)

- stephen

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Oh my gosh

that title is so deep and spiritual! I was looking at it and was touched by the way the words in the title rolled off the tongue, like a crescent moon glistening on the ocean beach right before it's time for dawn. It's like when you know it's a special time of the day, like when the unions are at the bay, and there's food in the lodge at which we stay so we never get malnourished or gray.

I am sooooo happy right now, It's a very special day.. Happy celebratory servitude to you, I won't count on a redo like breakin 2 electric boogaloo but I'll keep my eyes peeled as you have finished your commitments and shown us all the way.

Godspeed mogey.

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Good jobs on all the games

It's an inspiration to us all... this year I had hoped to release a game a month, but that soon became so untrue. Just too hard to make so much!! Or was it? No! stephenthecatamites has swooped by and showed us that you /can/ make a game a month- even better, make a game a DAY for like most of two and a bit months!! Congratulations on the stupendous output!

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Does that mean you're

Does that mean you're including Town and Mashkin Sees it Through? What a surprising twist!