KNP/TGF extensions

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I got late into the extension game. I'm still using TGF for retrofungoodnes. Here's some pages that I found useful:

88 extensions for TGF.


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Klik & Play does not support

Klik & Play does not support extensions. You might be thinking of Click & Create. There have actually been some extensions "only" for CNC and not TGF. However, TGF can use those extensions as well: You simply rename .cox to .gox.

Also note that the list has a few extensions that already come bundled with TGF. Functionality from some of the third-party extensions was incorporated into later Click programs, such as Advanced Math and Fast Loops.

Personally, I think the TGF extensions are somewhat of a mixed bag. You have some great ones, some not so great ones, and some that don't even work:

- Please don't use the Mixer Object as this alters the user's Windows settings. If you need to adjust volume in your game, use DMC2 or a later Click program instead.
- The Titlebar Object is prone to crashes. Use the Power App Lite object instead.
- The Palette Object will not work on newer versions of Windows (it's neat on Windows 98 though).
- The Mouse Object can be useful for making custom mouse movements as you can get the mouse velocities and reposition the mouse, but you might have behavioral differences between versions of Windows.
- Because TGF doesn't provide anything in the way of string manipulation, the String Object will be useful to have - for example, you can use it to create typewriter text where the letters of a string appear one at a time.
- While 16 Global Values should be enough for many games, if you run out and don't want to have to deal with squeezing multiple numbers into one Global Value, you can try the 1000 Global Values Object.
- Because TGF does not have Global Strings, the 1000 Global Strings Object might also be useful.
- The Drawline Object is neat but it has some drawing bugs related to scrolling.
- I have not been able to figure out the Chain Object.
- I believe the "Lego" and "Probe Lego" extensions were used for LEGO Mindstorms.

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I was also never able to

I was also never able to figure out that damn chain object extension.