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Still klikkin after all these years

So here it is, 2020. I started freelancing after losing my nice gov't job in 2011. A lot has gone on since then. I've always had a part time gig so i could devote to making games, but most of my jobs were web design, not development.

In 2016 I bought Clickteam Fusion and planned on taking things seriously as a developer, but life took a different turn. I had to go back to the real world of work since I had a baby. My savings went pretty quickly and I had to move again :P

It took me 4 years to level up. I got a nice job. I bought a house. I was able to travel a lot and on my down time, I'd code. I never got around to taking it seriously which I should. Seeing Flappy Bird and Five Nights at Freddy's made me jelly. So why not get a piece of the pie? Then the reskinning craze hit and I knew I was going to be drowned out by a bunch of clones. So I chilled and worked on my games. My pixel art has gotten better.

My travel job has me furloughed and suddenly I have lots of time on my hands (and savings(!)) I might as well try to make something stick. My dream is to work at home as I got a 4 year old to take care of and a house to fix (for it to be 10 years old, my roof leaks!). While finally getting around to unpacking things, I came across my old Klik and Play floppies. SO MANY GAMES.

I want to be more active on here instead of wasting my time and energy on bookface :P It was a good nostalgia trip seeing what I was playing and how far I've come in my coding.

Keep klikking and making awesome stuff! <3

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Clickteam Fusion for cheap, let the world see your trainwrecks

Humble Bundle has Clickteam Fusion Developer for $15. Get it in y'all. 2 more days left to purchase! Make your trainwrecks available for all platforms!!!!

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What I've been up to

fuck work.jpg

I've been out of "work" for so long (4 years), I'm like i'm done looking. I freelance now. I like getting up at 9am, exercise, drink tea, eat a pleasant breakfast, read the paper, then settle into work. I hated the long commutes (I don't own a car) and office politics and getting up early for a job I hate just to pay the bills. Ew. No.

I would tinker on my games as a hobby, now I'm just going to publish them for profit, cos why not. I have fun coding and I don't have to be bothered with other people in a work setting. It annoys me to be interrupted for trivial things.

I finally recovered files after a hard drive crash. Got new computers from china, only for the power supply to burn out. Using an old universal power supply that was for an ibm thinkpad, so yay for that.

Some of my game images went missing, had to redo them. I'm still working on games from 2012.... I have some games that's older than that!! :P I got old QB games I want to clean up for QB64 and get that published. Fun times.

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the library is remodeling and that's the only source of my interwebs.
still have klik projects that aren't finished.
so annoying.
i thought i would have the xmas project done on time, but not yet. monday i'll be finished.

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yay more klikkin funtimes

I updated my computer again cos i'm terrible with laptops and tend to break them after a year. I upgraded to Windows 7 and was sad that none of my programs worked cos it was 64 bit, so I downgraded to 32 bit windows and yay back to making fun games.

But windows being the ultimate hater, i had to get windows xp mode to get anything to work. Still using TGF yo.

Then I found out about Clickteam Fusion Free. YAY

Guess who's back to making trainwrecks? ME

I bought AGK a few years ago but coding by hand is annoying, Construct2 is faster to mess with and similar to Clickteam in certain aspects.

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KNP/TGF extensions

I got late into the extension game. I'm still using TGF for retrofungoodnes. Here's some pages that I found useful:

88 extensions for TGF.

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The Games Factory Manual

Here's a manual for the Games Factory. Enjoy.

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Klik and Play Manual PDF

So, here's a manual for KNP. Good times.

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Spam sucks


I log onto glorious trainwrecks and bam, I'm hit with some goofy ass looking article. I thought it was an article, but I kept reading and find out that it's spam. GRR we don't need this. I love GT, I don't want it overtaken by spammers.

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legit now whoo hoo

Sup trainwreckers!!!

I finally went legit. I don't work for the man anymore, I'm freelancing full time now yaaaaaay. I design wordpress templates for my friends that are complete noobs to web publishing, publish books and comix, transcribe audio files, and crank out video games. Not bad for a Jill of All Trades :D

My laptop died so I bought the same model from a friend and had to upgrade the hard drive and OS, so whooo hooo, I'm in business. 500GB and Win7 wheeee!

I wish Win7 wouldn't be so finicky and let me noodle around with Klik and Play.

Clickteam sent an email yesterday about Multimedia Fusion 2.5 dev version and if I were to buy that and all the modules and go legit, it'll be nearly $1000. WHAT

I use App Game Kit to make android apps, but it's not fun, it's a freaking headache.

When I want to quell the urge to break my laptop, I go to my room, fire up the ol' Win 3.1 machine and play with KNP/TGF.

I miss those old days.

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