Growing Pains

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This is the worst game of the pirate kart 2.

Collect stars. Don't get eaten. You get bigger. Survival horror.

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Pirate Kart 2


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This is wonderfully stupid.

Is that ZX Spectrum beeper music?

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The harsh music you put in

The harsh music you put in this is great! Are you the musician?

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Adorable! And thirded on

Adorable! And thirded on liking the music.

Also, I really like the idea of inescapable size change as a mechanic. I think it'd be really awesome in a less nondeterministic (or at least less random) context.

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Thanks, everyone! Yeah, I

Thanks, everyone! Yeah, I made the music. I used Milky Tracker, but tried to make it sound like an old spectrum game.

milkytracker is a wonderful utility

keep it close to your heart and unleash its powers.. I like the transpose feature.. get some xi instruments and go wild.. Not the easiest learning curve, but it's worth it in the end.

everything gets crazy at 200k

I love the animations too.. look at that star, and those enemies. probably the better of survival horror example things. great work