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Holy shitfire, it's...


FEB 27-28, 2010

Q: What is a Klik & Play Pirate Kart?

A Klik & Play Pirate Kart is a staggering collection of awesome and/or terrible games. All of the games are made in a single 48-hour period. No game is allowed to take more than two hours to make. Contributors continuously churn out games, non-stop, all weekend. When the weekend is over, the result is pure glory. It is an experience unlike anything else that has ever occurred on earth.

Q: Why 371 games?

In 2009, the Global Game Jam brought together more than 1600 people for a single 48 hour period, and the result was a measly 370 games. What a joke! If we had had 1600 people working on the first Pirate Kart, why, we could have easily produced 10,000 games! Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com is hereby declaring QUANTITY WAR on the Global Game Jam.

Q: Who can contribute?

EVERYONE! Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your grandmother(s)! Our community has grown since the original Pirate
Kart, but 371 games in a single weekend is still an absurd goal, and we need all of the help we can muster. Luckily, anyone can learn Klik &
, and thus anyone can make games with us.

Q: How do I participate?

  1. Step 1: Get set up and comfortable with a rapid game creation environment. I recommend Klik & Play, but if you've got a 64-bit machine, you might be better of with, say, Construct. Check out our Tools thread for suggestions.

    Remember: you want to make games at an impossible rate, spending no more than two hours apiece on them. Getting some practice in during the Klik of the Month Klub would be a good idea.

  2. Step 2: When the weekend has begun, join us on IRC. Everyone who's participating should be in the #glorioustrainwrecks channel on Chatting with us on IRC gets you speedy Klik & Play advice, insights into the creative process, and new friends to make games with.

    If you're not comfortable with IRC, we've set up a handy-dandy IRC Java applet that automatically connects you to your game-making brethren.


Q: How do I see the games people have made for the Pirate Kart?

An automatically generated list of games will be available at this link.




NameCreatedsort iconByScreenshotComments
Castlevania 1003/02/2010 - 00:06Blueberry SoftCastlevania.png12
Trainwreck-o-sphere02/28/2010 - 23:55mzotranwrek.JPG1
A Social Communist Game Simulator02/28/2010 - 17:36bungalocommunist.PNG0
Piggy Game02/28/2010 - 17:20bungalopiggygame.PNG0
FACTORY SEALED STADIUM EVENTS SHAREWARE02/28/2010 - 15:39SpindleyQstadevents.png3
Don't Flub Your Line!02/28/2010 - 15:08Noybflub.png3
Pyramido Plunder02/28/2010 - 04:51Zeckspyramido.PNG1
The Pursuit of Happiness 02/27/2010 - 20:16MegaIlinx707.png0
Growing Pains02/27/2010 - 20:04pgil704.png6
Forest Racer02/27/2010 - 15:38Zecksforacer.PNG0
The Trail02/27/2010 - 15:25Noybtrail.png0
They're Going to Shoot the Mayor!02/27/2010 - 15:18pgil620.png2
WHY RAT LIKE CHEESE02/27/2010 - 12:53MegaIlinx586.png0
CastleAttack02/27/2010 - 12:34snapmancastleattack.jpg1
Yie Ar Klik Fu02/27/2010 - 08:25Zecksyiear.PNG0
The House Monopolier02/27/2010 - 05:56Zeckshouspoly.PNG1
Astro Runner02/27/2010 - 05:30Zecksastruner.PNG0
At Swim02/27/2010 - 05:17RhubarbAtSwimScreenshot.jpg0
Collect the Umbrellas02/26/2010 - 22:00Kitoarilamp2.png0





YEAS ITS COMING! Oh man I've missed like 2 KotmKs in a row! That wont do but luckily I can feel like a part of the KnP system through this amazing collaborational sex package!

dessgeega's picture

tentatively planning a

tentatively planning a klik-n-play birthday klik-n-party

dessgeega's picture

you see one of those days is

you see one of those days is my birthday

SpindleyQ's picture

Is it also Mighty Jill Off's

Is it also Mighty Jill Off's birthday?

Also what is this tentative business DO IT DO IT DO IT

dessgeega's picture

that's a good point i'll

that's a good point i'll have daphaknee wear her jill off hat

daphaknee's picture

its gonna be at my house i

its gonna be at my house

i am the best at klik n play parties

Radix's picture

oh man all decorating your

oh man
all decorating your house with library graphics

I don't think I need an occasion

SpindleyQ's picture

Oh man now I need a framed

Oh man now I need a framed portrait of the KNP Disco Dork somewhere in my house

Strong's picture

I'll probably get one of

I'll probably get one of Old-Timey Bicycle Man one of these days.

daphaknee's picture



Malefact's picture

To make Klik games you must

To make Klik games you must first BECOME the Klik games

It's like the Method, but for programming

Pizza Time's picture

Knowing us three hundred and

Knowing us three hundred and seventy one will be the minimum.

SpindleyQ's picture

I asked Wolfram Alpha to

I asked Wolfram Alpha to provide some statistics about the number of games made by each author in the last Pirate Kart, and it told me that, on average, people made about 6 games apiece. So we'll probably need around 63 people to pull this off.

What I'm saying here is TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS

daphaknee's picture



Malefact's picture

So puuuuuuumped

Oh YES! This looks to be making an absolutely amazing end of a week which was already lookin' pretty swanky.

Am telling people about this, like, yesterday

Strong's picture

I will be doing this. AND

I will be doing this. AND THERE WILL BE STRONG GAMES.

Man, I've been working hard on my game collection and now it's going to be completely overshadowed. I mean a 12-0R-SO-IN-1 PIRATE KART has no chance against a 371-IN-1 PIRATE KART.


qrleon's picture



snapman's picture

I am going to make so many games

I also have some neat resources I'll post before everything starts. Finally putting up the SOUNDS and MIDI directory included on the US KnP CDROM, plus a little something else...

dessgeega's picture

wait emergency someone

wait emergency someone direct me to wherever jeremy penner has already answered the question of how do i get klik n play running in windows seven

inliquidwonder's picture

Yeah, g-damn Windows 7

I hope you find something! I've tried all of the compatibility modes, plus switching on/off "Run As Administrator". If you find a magic combo, please share it! :/

Malefact's picture

[wrong place, oops]

[wrong place, oops]

kirkjerk's picture


hey anyone around Boston want to get together for this?

maybe ahead of time I should learn how to import animated GIFs and stuff into Processing so I can get away from all my god damn squares and stuff

dessgeega's picture

convince jmac to rally all

convince jmac to rally all his nerd friends for a big klik-a-thon

GoreCore's picture

I wonder why no-one shows

I wonder why no-one shows interest in SEUCK for Windows as it's really easy to use.

sergiocornaga's picture

With the current number of

With the current number of participants, we'll each have to make about 20 games... daunting.

EDIT: Whoops, didn't mean to make this a reply... sorry!

Blueberry Soft's picture

I plan on making 24, so feel

I plan on making 24, so feel free to stop at 16.

Blueberry Soft's picture


(actually, I intend on making 371, but don't want to talk about it for free of sabotaging myself)

SpindleyQ's picture

The ridiculous, impossible

The ridiculous, impossible goal is meant to challenge and inspire! It's a number that I can hardly imagine actually hitting, but which may sort of be in the realm of possibility if we get a bunch of people outside our little community on board. Every person making games will be essential to meeting our goal! This strategy worked very well for the original Pirate Kart, so I'm hoping that lightning can, in fact, strike twice.

That said, I think I might know enough about the Klik & Play .IMG format to write a tool that randomly tweaks the palette of images in Klik & Play games. Then we can put the same game in the collection dozens of times, just like a real pirate cart!

That would be awesome... My

That would be awesome...
My friend has a pirate cart with mario and reverse mario...
and the company that made them is called nontondo

snapman's picture

.GAM hacking ideas...

Instead of palette shifting (since you're still stuck in KnP palettes even if you swap a few values) maybe you could randomly shift chunks of the frames around? It would make fake glitching (like in Fred's Exciting Adventure) much easier. Or maybe negative images? Or both?

Ooh, how about silhouette mode?

Radix's picture

This reminds me of an

This reminds me of an interesting phenomenon.

The .img and .snd files that come with knp games are interchangeable. Swapping them sometimes causes a game to crash, but it usually works.

Screenshot doesn't do it justice. This is a lot more greater. I have attached KILL GOD + Edge Attorney but no matter which two games you combine the result is generally FANTASTIC.

WAHT.png11.39 KB
SpindleyQ's picture

OH MAN! This is the best

This is the best thing! What a fucking stroke of brilliance!

I've been playing with this lovely feature and the results are invariably amazing. I encourage everyone to try it.

My best crossovers so far have been Garfeild Adventure / Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho, and Twister: The Game / Captain Bloof.

GoreCore's picture

Absolutely fantastic. What

Absolutely fantastic. What about making an option in Pirate Kart 2 menu to randomly swap gamefiles in directories to have myriads of games?

SpindleyQ's picture

I'm definitely keen on

I'm definitely keen on writing a "Klik & Play Russian Roulette" tool, yes. The best part is that I know enough about the file format to know whether a given combination will crash, and I might even know enough to force it to work anyway, or rescramble the order of the graphics, or bring in graphics from lots of different sources.

snapman's picture


Gorecore is on to something! The Pirate Kart needs a button called "Dust on the cart!" that gives you a random game assembled from sounds graphics and rules from random games!

Radix's picture

Mic support so you can blow

Mic support so you can blow on the contacts.

snapman's picture

It could happen

It could happen automatically, if it detects that it has been a while since you last played it.

whoooooops! I clicked Report

whoooooops! I clicked Report Spam instead of reply and it seems I wrote my reply as the report reason. >_> Please ignore that.
I basically put my approval of the idea and that it would make for a hilarious mess of games. (But that it'd take the love and care of a knp game out of the question :( )

Pizza Time's picture

In theory a game would crash

In theory a game would crash if it looks up animations that aren't there so as long as the assets you are swapping around use the same animations, frames and directions there shouldn't be any problems. So all you really need to do is load up KnP and compare animations between games and cut down on guess work.

Radix's picture

Man that sounds like effort.

Man that sounds like effort. My completely uneducated guess is that the animations and directions don't matter at all, it just stores all the frames in an index and crashes when it tries to reference a frame beyond the end of the actual file. In which case even just looking at the file size would be an almost decent indicator.

SpindleyQ's picture

My more educated guess is

My more educated guess is the same as yours. Also, if you want to know exactly how many images there are in an .img file, just treat the first four bytes of the file as a little-endian unsigned integer.

Basically this means you can put Venture2's graphics into any other Klik & Play game. M:I-2 would be another good candidate.

Danni's picture

All this comment nesting is getting confusing!

I would totally love a program that could search through a given directory, locate all the contained Klik & Play games, and randomly pick a game and resource file(s) to match up. These would be displayed to the user, who could then launch with this combination or save it into a list of favorite combinations.

There could be another mode where it doesn't present the results, and just launches random combinations of Klik & Play garbage. That'd be cool too.

Danni's picture

I took the .snd and .img

I took the .snd and .img files from my latest KotM and threw them into various other games. I got lots of Evilface.

I will make some... don't

I will make some...
don't worry you can depend on meeeeeeeee

LFF's picture

What's the stance on MP3s?

What's the stance on MP3s? Should I try and avoid using them, or does the filesize not matter?

GoreCore's picture

IMHO it shouldn't be a

IMHO it shouldn't be a problem as long as the mp3s are heavily compressed, to avoid making a 10-15 mbyte game. MediaCoder can compress audio files even to 16kbps. Another thing are the copyright laws, but I am going to use some open source/public domain/creative commons audio.

SpindleyQ's picture

I don't care about filesize,

I don't care about filesize, but you may have trouble posting attachments to the site that are bigger than 16mb. If you hit that limit then bug me and I'll fix it.

See Happy Return for an example of a game made here that just wouldn't be right without an mp3 playing.

Danni's picture

You could always just use

You could always just use Ogg Vorbis and halve the filesize that way without losing quality. Ogg is royalty-free, anyway...

virious's picture

Software used to make games for this event.

Hi, I have couple of questions about method used to make games for this event. I must use KNP or some else "click and make game" software or can I stick to my C++ and make games this way for the competition?

Is there any size limit for a game? For example lower than 10 MB or something similar?



SpindleyQ's picture

Hi there! I don't care in

Hi there!
I don't care in the slightest what tools you use to make your games. Remember, though, the goal is quantity, not quality, and making multiple games in a single weekend with C++ is going to be tough. Technically there's a two-hour-per-game limit, but of course that's one of those rules which can be broken in the interests of awesome.

As for the size issue, I wouldn't worry abou it. If you're able to create a game bigger than my hosting comfort level (say, bigger than 70mb or so) within two hours, I'll probably be impressed and host it anyway.

virious's picture


When the event will start, how do I start timer for the game? How this time (2 hours) will be measured?

SpindleyQ's picture

You seem to be a little

You seem to be a little confused as to the nature of this event. That's OK! Think of it not so much a competition as a party. The rules are meant as guidelines to help remove creative barriers while producing lots of terrible videogames for everyone's amusement. There will be no Klik & Play Police making sure you are having the right kind of fun.

virious's picture


Oohh, now I got it :). Thanks for explanation :) and see you during the event with my team :).

kirkjerk's picture

Whoa, you're gonna have a

Whoa, you're gonna have a team??

GoreCore's picture

O, kolejny Polak ;) jak tu

O, kolejny Polak ;) jak tu trafiłeś?

virious's picture

Hej :).

Trafiłem tutaj poprzez artykuł:
Szukałem wywiadów i relacji z Glogal Game Jamu 2010 z Polskiej edycji (KrakJam), w której brałem udział i tak trafiłem na informacje o Waszej imprezie :).

GoreCore's picture

To ja to napisałem :D

To ja to napisałem :D

Blueberry Soft's picture


I can't believe it's called KrakJam D:

Danni's picture

Hmm, 26 members. We'd need

Hmm, 26 members. We'd need to have everyone make, on average, 14 games if we want to be successful. I'm wondering if I should just make half of my games five-minute absolute rushjobs instead of the standard two hour trainwrecks...

SpindleyQ's picture

I'm going to start putting

I'm going to start putting out the call to the larger game-makin' community right away; in the meantime, feel free to spread the word!

Also, don't forget that we can totally cheat if we have to -- I'll make sure to release KNPMangle in plenty of time for people to get used to generating new, amazing trainwrecks in seconds with it. Do what you feel is most fun. That said, I'd be impressed if anyone beat professor_scissors' game-makin' speed record of 17 minutes this time around.

Super-Dot's picture



Strong's picture

technically On the Shoulders

technically On the Shoulders of Dinosaurs was done in, like, three, but that BARELY COUNTS AS A GAME.

But I'm sure I can beat that record this time around with something that's a little more of a game than that.

SpindleyQ's picture

On the Shoulders of

On the Shoulders of Dinosaurs has more going on than Zombie In Space from the first Pirate Kart!

Danni's picture

I could easily see you

I could easily see you producing at least 50 games for this.

Strong's picture

I don't think I'd want to do

I don't think I'd want to do 50 but I'll do at least 20, maybe. Definitely over 10.

What's the record for most games made in one day? Because I kinda want to beat it sometime.

Super-Dot's picture

Time to start practicing,

Time to start practicing, one game a day!

This took me 22 minutes, not good enough. >:O

SpindleyQ's picture



Super-Dot's picture


(lol i did not follow through)

I'll help!

I'll help! (though being on IRC depends on whether or not my olde laptop cooperates with at least two very active things open at once)

jan_strach's picture

I'm there

Time to make something quickly for a change...I do not have a lot of time but I will try to provide at least 3 trainwrecks during the weekend.

GoreCore's picture

To participate here I need

To participate here I need to buy a workstation for myself, and it's called HP Mini-Note 2133. Will run KNP and TGF2 just fine.

I have ideas for about 10 games, another 4-5 can be just quick abstractive hacks.

TheCube's picture


I have been wanting to do the trainwreck thing for, oh, a YEAR, but I have been too lazy. But then I decided not to be, yay! I'm totally in.

Dustin's picture

Fuck yes, this is the

Fuck yes, this is the perfect time to start KNP-ing it up. I plan on making homages to Mr. Gimmick and V^6, a parody of a parody of an artgame, and Cheetahman III. This shall be awesome. Just give me two days to figure out how to mak gam and one KotM to warm-up with and I'll be ready.

Danni's picture

Currently writing up a list

Currently writing up a list of trainwreck ideas (Right now I've got 10, but I've thought of a few ways to shamelessly bump that number up by about five or six), so that I can hit the ground running when this thing starts.

Hope that isn't considered cheating.

Super-Dot's picture

as a penalty you have to

as a penalty you have to base One Third of your games on other people's ideas

Danni's picture

Well, a lot of my ideas are

Well, a lot of my ideas are parody anyways, so neener neener.

SpindleyQ's picture

Luckily, cheating is

Luckily, cheating is encouraged.

Danni's picture

I just came up with the

I just came up with the coolest idea ever. So cool, in fact, that it will take the entirety of the event to make. Thankfully, I can multi-task.

Edit: No, I decided not to do whatever it is I planned on doing. Indecisiveness strikes again!

LocoRoo's picture

I'm most definitely going to

I'm most definitely going to make at least a couple of games for this, including but not limited to That Game With Them Achievement Thingamajiggers, The Escapades of Dr. Plasmagun and When In A Haunted House... (which is going to be an amazing point-and-click game).

Super-Dot's picture

shit just got RL

mkapolk and I have fashioned a PHYSICAL EVENT.

(It's only for 7 of the 48 hours, and we're not sure how many of the people listed as "Attending" are actually coming, but hey! Listen!)

SpindleyQ's picture

Oh man this is so excellent!

Oh man this is so excellent!

TheCube's picture

Holy crap

I think this would actually fulfill a childhood dream that I never knew I had.


Radix's picture

Arg: I've just realised I'm

Arg: I've just realised I'm gonna be overseas on the weekend which totally dickses my participation. I'll do what I can and try to find a hotspot at the hotel. Remind me to pack Backtrack.

Healy's picture

Is it okay if I make some

Is it okay if I make some text adventures for this? They require an interpreter program to run. That won't be a bother, would it?

Danni's picture

You should probably include

You should probably include the interpreter with the program distribution, so that no extra installation is necessary.

Also, if the tradition continues, there will be a menu for launching the games, so your game would probably need to work right off the bat.

Healy's picture

That is the thing, though. I

That is the thing, though. I guess I could package a folder with Windows Frotz and all the necessary files with each game, but that seems pretty redundant, so I hope that I'll only have to do that once and the organizer can sort things out later. Also the games need to be opened with Frotz; that wouldn't be a problem, would it?

SpindleyQ's picture

By all means, make text

By all means, make text adventures! Don't worry about bundling an interpreter; I can deal with it when I throw the menu together. (That is an Extremely Scriptable Task which I've already written the script for when building the Year One Collection.) Feel free to just submit a z5 or whatever.

Healy's picture

Haha! Good to know, then!

Haha! Good to know, then! Now all I need to do is write down all my game ideas so I won't forget them come Saturday.

DeceasedCrab's picture

Oh Man This is going to be

Oh Man

This is going to be sweet. I have all these ideas for game that people could play. And by play I mean they're deliberately spiteful I am going to get punched.

.KKliker's picture

I'm probably going to submit at least one Klik & Play game...

That way, the Klik & Play randomizer (if it will be on the kart) can be put to more use. I recommend that everybody submit at least one Klik & Play game to the kart, so that we can have more content for the randomizer to use in the most expialidociously rhinoceros ways possible.

Danni's picture

If everyone submits ten

If everyone submits ten games, we won't even need to use the randomizer.

Pizza Time's picture

I'd like to see a big button

I'd like to see a big button right at the top of the games menu that scrambles the games all at once. It should totally play a sound of a car gaining speed and it should rumble and spit out sparks until it's done.

kirkjerk's picture

one thing is, people should

one thing is, people should make a commitment to play as well as create. I think.

Start: 02/27/2010 - 03:00
End: 03/01/2010 - 03:00
Timezone: Etc/GMT-8

Err, is that first time translated for my Eastern TZ or not? Is it like 6 AM eastern or 3 AM? (Or is it set at midnight west coast, and i can figure it from there?)

SpindleyQ's picture

Drupal's retarded timezone

Drupal's retarded timezone handling strikes again! It should be midnight west coast. If you start making games a couple of hours early I won't really mind, though.

qrleon's picture

So stoked and/or pumped for this.

The only thing I really have planned is A BlackThorne and His Blob.

.KKliker's picture

If anyone wants to see how I will be using Klik & Play...

This is a very kuldge-tastic setup that I put together out of necessity stemming from various arbitrary, monetary, and legal constraints. :P

The host computer is a Power Macintosh G4 "Sawtooth", running at 500 Mhz with 320 MB ram.

Picture 2.png146.56 KB
SpindleyQ's picture

Desktop screenshot of the

Desktop screenshot of the year.

Danni's picture

I'll probably need to resort

I'll probably need to resort to virtualization as well when I upgrade to a new production system and move to being mainly Linux-based this summer.

Bah humbug. If only there were a way I could legally obtain a copy of XP for virtualization purposes... or can I, after all? (Yes, contrary to most people on the Internet, I don't like pirating software, so nyeh.)

inliquidwonder's picture

I'm signing up!

Hi! I'm a follower of indie games, include this site, so I'm signing up to do at least one game this weekend. I code in odds and ends of languages (...Max/MSP, anyone?), but I'm going to try to get something in Klik-n-Play Construct. Curse you, Windows 7! You are capable of so much good!

I just moved up to Windows 7 and can't seem to get the Klik-n-Play installer working. Has anyone had success with this? Google isn't helping me out here.


sergiocornaga's picture

I seem to remember the only

I seem to remember the only viable solution was to aquire Windows 3.1, emulate it through DosBox and run KNP through it. Or something like that. Good luck if you want to attempt that!

inliquidwonder's picture


Thanks for the quick reply! That sounds aggravating, so I'll save it for a non-Pirate Kart weekend. Thanks for the tip, though - I'll give it a try soon.

SpindleyQ's picture

Thankfully, you should be

Thankfully, you should be able to extract all of the klipart into easy-to-import-into-Construct imagesets thanks to my just-released KNPUtil!

.KKliker's picture

Somebody needs to write a 64-bit ready K&P runtime

Fully compatible with Windows and Macintosh Klik & Play files, fully open source, and platform independent. We totally need to make it happen.

At the very least, some kind of converter to MMF2 format would be nice.

inliquidwonder's picture


Yup, I totally forgot to mention that I'm working with 64-bit Windows 7. Construct and the library extractor are working out GREAT for me, so I think I'll manage this weekend OK! :D

Awesome. How do I sign up?

This looks interesting.
I know there is a link above that says "CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD A GAME FOR INCLUSION IN THE PIRATE KART" in big bold letters and instructions, but how do I submit my game to the Pirate Cart?
Like, do I have to make it a standalone game? Or do I save an archive with my .gam file in it?
Can we use The Games Factory? Because I just finished two games (first one took about a half hour, second one took about an hour thanks to debugging to make it stable).

sergiocornaga's picture

Signing up is irrelevant!

Signing up is irrelevant! ZIP archives containing your game executable (and necessary files) are probably best. Any game development tool is OK.

Heh, I meant "sign-up" as a

Heh, I meant "sign-up" as a metaphor, but thank you.
And executable as in the "save stand-alone" option?

Danni's picture

Yeah. Just be sure to

Yeah. Just be sure to include all the files it spits out. Oh, and don't use the Installer option. It sucks.

Healy's picture

So how many games are

So how many games are currently up?

Over 100 last I checked. So

Over 100 last I checked. So we haven't reached our goal yet, but are over a quarter of the way there.

Healy's picture

How many are we up to now?

How many are we up to now?



Healy's picture

Then we've got a little over

Then we've got a little over a hundred more to go. Let's keep up the pace!

This seems like a spot of fun...

Just thought i would say hi before adding to the kart. Read about it from Auntie Pixelante's blog and joined forthwith. This is quite a wonderful idea.

Super-Dot's picture

Because you can't run Unity

Because you can't run Unity games through KNPUtil, here's all the assets for all the games I have made and will make this weekend:

To use them, go to Assets > Import Package… in the menubar!


It was a pleasure making 2 very terrible games with you.

.KKliker's picture

Bad news guys...

I might be out of the race. KnP on virtual PC keeps freezing up my computer (my WHOLE computer) whenever I try to choose music or a sound effect (from a shared folder on my actual hard drive). I would move to Scratch, but it just seems a lot more limiting than KnP. I'm not ready to make a game without sound, or make you have to buy an older mac to play it, either (There is a Mac OS version of Klik & Play, but it uses a different format that doesn't work with the Windows version. Although you can import files FROM the Windows version, there's no way to do it the other way around.).



inliquidwonder's picture


I think I just submitted GAME NUMBER 370!!! HAHAHAHAHAAA!!! YES!!!





I like tortoises

And we actually did make almost 200 games over the limit! YES!

Danni's picture

Not quite. We'd need 571

Not quite. We'd need 571 games to do that.

But we did make 500!

Malefact's picture

We rock so hard.

We rock so hard.

Now for bonus points and to

Now for bonus points and to make the NEXT Klik Pirate Kart much more difficult to achieve!

agj's picture

Fantastic work, people! I'm

Fantastic work, people! I'm sad I wasn't a part of it, but there was a bit of a catastrophe in my country, and only now we got the power back 100%. Not really feeling like making some last time contributions, either. I hope to be around for the next one.

SpindleyQ's picture

Thank goodness you're okay!

Thank goodness you're okay!

This is amazing and you are

This is amazing and you are all amazing people.

Blueberry Soft's picture


About to upload my five games. Nowhere near the quantity I expected, but I'm pretty happy with the quality.

Authentic Celestial Shiv

Bullet Hell Bulldog

Castlevania 10



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I'm having errors, probably due to my bad connection. I'll try elsewhere, and get them up tonight.

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Oh no! I really want to play

Oh no! I really want to play these.

Heh. Going for 26 games

Heh. Going for 26 games (including joke entries). Up to making game #25. At this point between fatigue and less than 3 hours to go, I'm going quantity at this point.
(Quality is included with the previous entries, just some of the later ones are more of joke than anything.)

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aaaand its over


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Awesome job, everyone! It was a lot of fun!

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I love you guys, this was great.

4 AM over here in US Eastern

4 AM over here in US Eastern time. Still have an hour or two. But since I saved my original files as "my name" followed by a letter. I figured, get to Z no matter what.

Been a pleasure participating in this event. Can't wait to see the final count when I wake up in the afternoon.

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523 games yesssssss

523 games yesssssss

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wow that was something

SpindleyQ, thanks especially for that awesome upload tool. It made everything feel so much more real and organized than the old "just add a comment on the event announcement page". Is that gonna be around for KotMKs??

maybe we should have a 'PLAY ALL THE GAMES" Release Party, or something, when the Kart is assembled?
(I know that there's a risk that some of these games will only have been played by the author, which is a damn crying shame. )
Also the Kart should have a link to each games page on the website w/ people encouraged to come back and comment... - could it have an additional column showing how many comments each gets?

(or am I the only feedback whore here and missing the point of the joy of creating?)

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Seconding the thanks for

Seconding the thanks for SpindleyQ - it's easy to take all the hard (and draining!) work sorting and smoothing the organising out for granted, so three cheers! :D

And thanks to all the trainwreckers that make this community the awesome place that it is, everyone that just gets involved and offers support/feedback/whatever. There's so much creativity and talent around, kinda can't helped being inspired.

I'd also like to take part in a release party! That would be sweet.

P.S. Am also currently tinkering with my computerboxes to see if I could do a half-way decent compilation video of all the entries that didn't look like articfacted soupy frameskipping arse, but progress is so far slow.

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Do you realize that 4 seconds of footage from each of the 524 games would result in a video over half an hour long????
(34.9 minutes, to be more precise)

It is possible that we made too many games.

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That is a lot of games! Even

That is a lot of games! Even taking 2 seconds of footage from each one is going to = like, 18 minutes.

I could narrow it down to 371, or 100, but that seems a bit unfair and not exactly in the spirit of the event.

o-o-o-one second?!?!?

o-o-o-one second?!?!?

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Have you considered

Have you considered splitting the video up into multiple parts?

hell yeargh

one second per game sounds appropriate

make sure the audio is from the games as well

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Yes! We need a Release

Yes! We need a Release Party! It would be totally ace!

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Do our bios have to be

Do our bios have to be factual? And do the pictures have to be of us? Because my picture is of Warren G Harding and I ended mine with a list of dinosaurs so

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This is acceptable and

This is acceptable and encouraged. Feel free also to attribute your games to a fictitious company with a disastrous 3D rendered neon pink and teal logo with lens flare as your picture.

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What is the maximum size

What is the maximum size that the images for our bios allowed to be?

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No bigger than 2 or 3

No bigger than 2 or 3 gigabytes, please.



People Count

How many people participated and submitted games? I ask because I'm sure more than the 41 signed up individuals submitted something. For example, I'm not on that list and I uploaded four games.

Also, the collective efforts of everyone over this one weekend is amazing. Let's assume two hours were spent on each game, that's over a thousand man-hours in one weekend!


I went through the list yesterday and counted 105. Since then The Blueberry Hill has added his, so 106 I guess.
I may have miscounted.

If you notice this url is

If you notice this url is /node/437, then you notice the last game is over /node/1000, then you will realize that the content of this site MORE THAN DOUBLED over the weekend.

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So when is the compilation

So when is the compilation of this gonna be made?

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So I just enhanced Bee Time

So I just enhanced Bee Time Trials:
Now you get to race against the ghost of your best lap. I think it's pretty fun actually!

So I added it as a comment, but with the new system, is there something else I should do?
And is updating an existing Kart game directly frowned upon or encouraged?
It's kind of a form of cheating, so it's no big deal if BEE TIME TRIALS CHAMPIONSHIP EDITION is kind of a separate thing...

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If you want to update your

If you want to update your game for bugfixes, etc, absolutely feel free to edit your game's attachment directly. No sense in putting out something unplayable.

If the changes are substantial and you don't feel quite right going back and rewriting history, feel free to at least edit your game's DESCRIPTION to add in a link to the updated version. The descriptions will be displayed in a web browser control, so links will work reasonably.

Of course, cheating is encouraged, and I don't really mind if you make little improvements. Feel free to think of it like the games industry does; the game was released on time, it just really could use the patch that was released a few days later.

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Hmm, I wonder if I should

Hmm, I wonder if I should tweak Lander Pinball for the third time...