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It's a sculptural art-game. I'll probably add customization features in the future, but it's already pretty fun.

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An event


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This is really neat! I like

This is really neat! I like the use of 3D sounds to create an ever-changing soundscape as you rotate around the sculpture.

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I was hoping that it would

I was hoping that it would add a sense of orientation, but the colors and shapes distract me from using it that way. I liked it enough to keep it even though it didn't fulfill its purpose. Glad you like it!

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Suggestion: Perhaps add an

Suggestion: Perhaps add an option so that your cube doesn't move away from the center too fast? Or maybe have it pulsate between a near and far distance away from the center?

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Yeah. I appreciate the

Yeah. I appreciate the suggestions. I want to add in a menu-system that allows you to adjust as many variables as possible. Your suggestions will help me prioritize.

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For controlling how quickly

For controlling how quickly the cube moves from the center, I think it would be nice to have that as one of the main controls, like on the second analog stick or something.

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Glad you kept it! I think it

Glad you kept it! I think it does a lot for the game's sense of beauty.

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I published the new build

I went ahead and made an page for the new build. It is free. Just ignore the part where it suggests that you pay two bucks.
If anyone needs me to upload it here to, I can do that. I have a hard time imagining why the page wouldn't do the job though. But I can't predict everything.
The new build has a lot of customizable features and some buttons for shortcuts.

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nice, this strikes a nice

neat, this strikes a nice balance between being in control and not being in control.

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I do like how you can kinda control the speed by turning.

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I mostly used the xbox

I mostly used the xbox controller when tuning it. With the analog sticks you have much more ability to make slight adjustments to the speed. I think the way that the axi work in Unity for binary input is that the float-value slowly goes up or down as long as the button is pressed. While I can change the rate at which that float is increased, it would still be a completely different feel than pressing the stick slightly; you can't for instance just press keyboard-button down half-way to go half speed.

I also considered making Z-movement more active (like using 'w' and 's' for inwards and outwards), but it adds a level of complexity that I found undesirable. Part of the sensibility I was going for here is the type of sculptural motion of a potter's wheel. On the potter's wheel, certain dimensional planes of movement happen easier than others. For instance, pulling the clay up and expanding the shape horizontally are much more easy than making the shape shorter or thinner. While those types of movement are possible, it really requires you to switch the way you think about what you are doing.
The thing I like about having presets of limited movement is that the shapes you end up creating borrow a lot of beauty from the resulting symmetry and consistency of the limited and passive motions. In other words, if the drift-away/drift-toward movement has a consistency while the player arbitrarily goes up and down and side to side, the resulting shape is more of a coil than a scribble. It's kinda like how you can't fuck up if you only play the black keys of the piano.