Twine: A script to convert parser IF transcripts into linear Twines

I've devised a way to convert game transcripts exported from Gargoyle (using the "script" command) directly into basic Twine games, programmatically. Here is a two-step process:

0) Open a new Twine 1 story.

1) Include this script:

var currentPassage=new Passage("Start");currentPassage.text="";var;tale.get("Transcript").text.split(/\n/g).forEach(function(b){var a=b.indexOf(">");if(a===-1){currentPassage.text+=b+"\n"}else{id+=1;var c="Turn "+id;currentPassage.text+=b.slice(0,a)+"\n ''>'' [["+b.slice(a+1)+"|"+c+"]]\n";tale.passages[currentPassage.title]=currentPassage;currentPassage=new Passage(c);;currentPassage.text=""}});currentPassage.text=currentPassage.text.trim()||"<<set window.close()>>";tale.passages[currentPassage.title]=currentPassage;Wikifier.formatters.forEach(function(a){if("list"){a.match="^(?!.)(?=.)"}});

2) Paste the entire transcript, from beginning to end, into a passage named "Transcript".

When you run the game, the Start passage and all other passages will be replaced with passages derived from the transcript. Each passage will only have 1 command.

* This assumes that the ">" character is only used for player commands throughout the entire story - and it also assumes that all player commands end in a line break. If these aren't the case, there'll be trouble.
* If the transcript contains other text structures which correspond to Twine syntax, those may unwittingly activate. This script removes one fairly common occurrence - HTML bullet points denoted by * - but leaves the others present.

* Play in the Jonah format (and optionally remove the title using CSS).
* Use basic CSS to make the links larger (similar to how MS Paint Adventures displays its page links).

Q: Is this Lighan ses Lion compliant???
A: Naturally!