Yoshi's Whaley World

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cw: vore

If a whale sees you, panic.

Please launch using one of the multicore-fix files.


- Not for vorarephobes
- Play this with the lights off
- Inspiration comes from Quake (specifically e4m1), Le Sunset Salto, and the Lunge Fish and Prince Froggy from Yoshi's Island
- Made in The Games Factory 1 for extra campiness

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Wow, that was genuinely

Wow, that was genuinely quite unsettling! Great sound design.

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So that's what a yoshi foot looks like.

so uh

I've been desperately trying to swim upwards for at least ten minutes.. i don't think i can do this

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wow, those sounds are

wow, those sounds are awesome... yer design (art + sfx) always makes it surprising that you use TGF1 and such :o

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Great atmosphere. It was

Great atmosphere. It was cool to see something made spooky that wasn't spooky before.

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I think I'm now terrified of

I think I'm now terrified of whales!