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Break the walls of the patriarchy! Learn your ABC's.

Thanks again for the help Dattorz!

Happy Buzzlewitz Day!
(I'll make an actual Buzzlewitz game later today)

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An event


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I thought this was super frustrating at first, but once I figured out the trick it was really fun.

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Haha, yeah, I'm glad someone

Haha, yeah, I'm glad someone played it and got what was going on! Thanks for playin'!

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Yeah, once I figured it out

Yeah, once I figured it out it was fun to go through and hear your weird phrasing of the vocab words and the un-intuitive choice of words to describe the different items.

It felt like a game made by a well-intentioned person who thought they were making an easy game for children, but because of lack of experience and play-testing, made it incredibly difficult and frustrating instead. (Of course, it was apparent that you were in on the joke and purposefully made it as such.) I feel like this happened a lot in the budget edutainment from my middle school's computer lab, which made it funny and nostalgic.

Hey I'm gonna reply to this for little reason.

I had fun too! I immediately went F for flower, G for Ghettoflower, H for Honeysuckle, I for Iris, J for Jasmine, and I for Iris. Believe it I got LOOOOOOOST!!!

When I finally got to K I was looking at some *SPOILER* and I was gonna go for that, but K was "I bet he's gonna use THIS word" and wow, he used this word. It was so cool hearing it pronounced, along with other words. Whether hearing em citated brings it to justice, I dunno, it's about hitting the timing just right to go with that sweeet abcs backtrack. It was justified/rewarding..

But I must've after the K hit like 7 different items and having to restart over and over even after all those restarts. I'd call it frustrating, but NOOO it was fun, I knew what I was getting into after D for SPOILER.... This is some seeeeeeroa; serial stuff going here, and I know what's here.

I knew G wasn't for Ghettoflower, but I wanted to be punished because I earned it because after all the Grinding you did to learn new tricks and stuff, this Event was thrown in this direction and it was an hono(u)r and I knew I had to pick a little bit of my sanity about to truly appreciate it, and I did.

After the K it hit hard, and yeah, the G I knew once it wasn't a flower I knew what it was because of the (spoiler alert) German and such... I like the text file I almost didn't see because I downloaded it via the .exe launcher.

Here, being the first responder, even before I was able to get all the facts straight on the story of Buzzlewitz, I present Krabblewart OG, before I animated him, some sort of friendly Rival of Buzzlewitz. What he does as an elf, I don't know. But he's Krabblewart and he does his thing.

Man if I could yell firrrrrst even to this, but I dunno, I had to go to work and do my thing, eat the food.. so Seeeeecond.

As for everyone else, there may be some unlockables to this that haven't untapped yet, but don't feel under the pressure that YOU have to unlock them. Buzzlewitz is doing his thing regardless, and you should too.

This is a definite check out though. I'd recommend a clear mind for puzzle-type thinking, and knowledge of synonyms and patience or pacience as they say on the internet. Good luck everyone!

Oh and thank you again, I had fun.

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Amazing! Beautifully Crafted

Amazing! Beautifully Crafted Didactic Edutaiment Franchise Game, How Ingenious. Just Kidding, Leave More Names, Or Perhaps Quiz Rooms.
Sercret To Understand: Very Wonderful Xylophone, You're Zestless.

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You're zestful with your

You're zestful with your comment! Thank you!

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I never figured out the

I never figured out the trick and tried grinding through it. I got as far as L and then I just couldn't do it to myself anymore.

I enjoyed it because I liked reading it as if I was a child learning these letters with these pictures and I didn't know what they wanted me to say. A picture of an apple could be "red", "fruit", "apple", "food", "nutritious" any of that stuff; but you learn that when you see an apple in a childrens book of letters, it means "A". I had never thought about how frustrating this must be before and so I got a lot out of the game.

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Thanks for playing! There is

Thanks for playing! There is a trick to it and it's initially pretty un-intuitive, I think most people need a little help, it isn't your fault, it's like this on purpose.

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I actually went through that

I actually went through that as a kid! I was lucky enough to learn how to read at an early age, and have vague memories at being annoyed at having to also learn some arcane picture->phoneme visual mapping pre-reading mnemonic methodology when I was already comfortable with ordinary text.

Love the voice acting. Even when cheating, there are some delightful surprises. The Q-T block is glorious.

Yeah, that all depends on

how many crayons you had in your pack.. The more crayons, the more words you knew.. I remember the youngin with the 96 pack i'd just like look at the crayons just to see the color combos and the words. I probably had a 48 or 64 though, which was enough at the time.

Try focusing on that sweet beat

That helped a little bit. It depends on what era of sleep you're at, and all the contents. uhh, there is one thing lacking though. that is a new game + mode

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I was thinking of doing that

I was thinking of doing that with a speed run mode or something of the sort. Maybe I'll make one!

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Devious. Q*Bert not being Q was perhaps your cruellest trick. I find the fragile nature of this game most interesting; presumably over time, some of the sites hosting these images will shut down and this game will cease to be 'conventionally' solvable.

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Oh, I like that idea that over time the game won't be solvable other than by trial and error. I need to make a sequel or some new game where that is the focus. It would be funny to be the Andy Goldsworthy of video games.

With this game, for a majority of the websites listed the url actually says what the name of the object is, so, other than the 3 or 4 objects that don't, you don't even have to go to the websites to see what the picture is supposed to be.

maybe we should give a we tip+

to the good ol internet archive. it might be good for preservation