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A crazed, deranged social outcast, EffBee will probably bore you to death with his constant musings over Linux, KDE SC, and computing in general. In fact, if you were to have a conversation with him, you would probably want to kill him. Or destroy your eardrums. But he does make some pretty humorous trainwrecks!

EffBee has used Click products ever since 1999, and although he has gained a fair bit of knowledge with the various products, there's little of that to be found in his contributions toward the Pirate Kart. Not only that, but he hardly Clicks anymore, as he's moved on from creating games to agonizing over little details and eccentricities in the C++ programming language. Still, he can hardly resist making the occasional trainwreck now and then in Klik & Play or some other Click product.

All trainwrecks in this collection authored by EffBee contain 0% Yoshi (ha ha, bet you weren't expecting that).

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Pirate Kart 2