January 2015

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So, actual warning, this game may be offensive due to some of the themes.
Have fun!

[Mouse Click] - advance dialogue
[Directional keys] - moves character
[Ctrl] - interact with doors, people, and other objects
[>] - go to the next day
[<] - go to the previous day
[P] - password enter
(enter "Jan" and date
number to go to different
days, ex. Jan25, or Jan9)

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I was impressed with how you connected the different characters through the same story and with the same controls/mechanics. The artwork was adorable, even though the themes may have been slightly morbid... I found myself in the position of being excited about which character I was going to play next, even if it was one of the characters I wasn't necessarily fond of. The collection of them together was an experience greater than the sum of its parts.

Although there were no screaming babies in this one (except for maybe one of the days/chapters...) I kept thinking I was playing a game in the world of Lynch's Eraserhead.

Well done! :)

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Wow, I'm glad you enjoyed it and that everything seemed to work out! I love David Lynch and also I just watched Mulholland Drive for the first time while making this, so I'm sure David Lynch creeped his way into my game.

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Awesome. This felt like a

Awesome. This felt like a huge leap forward from the last games that you made in this style. It felt very unified visually and thematically. The artwork was really effective and charming. I think I need to play through one more time to fully understand the narrative.

Great idea to include a folder of what I presume were your reference photos. It really brought to life the different scenes and characters that you were representing in the game.

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There were some really fun

There were some really fun moments that made me laugh out loud. There was something hilarious to me about walking up to the laptop and it saying "I wish this was a typewriter" walking up to the bed and saying "I hate my bed" then walking up to the window that shows that the character is in the suburbs and seeing them say "I hate my life." The pacing of the dialogue and its consistent form (with the description on top and the single line of how the character feels) really added to the humor for me.
The modeling opportunity was for sure my favorite turn of events. I only played once, so I'm not sure if things could have gone differently, but the absurdity of how everything went down in my playthrough was hilarious.
At first, the police procedural that was happening in parallel was confusing and I thought it was a dream. But by the end I could see how it depicts a larger narrative that eventually comes together. I really enjoyed the main character. She was awesome.

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I just read this!

Thanks! I'm going to be working in a similar format soon, so I hope you enjoy the next one too.

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Wow, this went way farther than I expected. I really liked it, though the controls were very confusing at first.

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Hi. Fantastic game. I


Fantastic game.

I did very much get a Mulholland Drive feeling from the game. It was very confusing and strange. I found it very enjoyable.