Secret Labrotory


Explore the laboratory in Glorious 3D! Experience what its really like to be a scientist, infinitely spinning in his tiny lab home.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: You need to be able to push the arrow keys on your picture viewer.

Made For: 
An event


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this is the future.. we dont

this is the future.. we dont even need game engines anymore... all we need is our imaginations...

the anser to the future lies

the anser to the future lies in the past! I used to draw screens and keyboards on paper and fold it in half all the time, These were my laptops

You can basically do

You can basically do whatever you want to however you want to

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I like this. Very

I like this. Very stimulating.



This is completely adorable,

This is completely adorable, and an inspiring style of game-making. Totally a breath of fresh air. Plus, it works on nearly any OS. :)

Keeping the resources folder in there also serves as inspiration for others who want to try the same thing.

Well done!

thank u! A big inspiration

thank u! A big inspiration on this was "ADVENTURE MAZE" by my online friend which you can find here, Simple game systems on unexpected places are fun, one time i downloaded a maze game for nintendo flipnote dsi where you had to erase a path from start to finish without touching any obstacles. You can do a lot with folders and images, i.e. an RPG where you have to enter the "CAVE" folder and delete the "MONSTER9.PNG" and maybe even open a "LOOT.ZIP"

Haha i just kept the resources folder because i didnt think to take it out, but now that u say serving as an inspiration im glad i left it in there :)