Poor Thing Update

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Dear Trainwreckers

As you may have seen I have been screaming for help lately. The situation is under control - my game works in Multimedia Fusion, which means I will be able to export it in a version suitable for 64 bit platforms. So, after a short panic, time to get back to work! Since the beginning of 2015 I have been working on "Poor Thing" about 4 days a week. So you can imagine things are gaining steam again! Many new places, including a secret location I am not authorized to provide screenshots of. Some spooky figures, unnatural goings-on and looots of new ideas!

I attach some places and also a comparison shot of an interior - before and after some redecorating, the second being the level of detail that I mean to implement everywhere else.

I think I am going to continue making the game in KNP because I am so used to it, and animating stuff in MMF makes me rip my hair out! And from time to time I will port it to MMF to see if everything is compatible (for some reason certain things go crazy when ported from KNP to MMF, mainly things anchored to other things). I am also writing a "script" of sorts, as in movie, not as in coding, to keep track of all action in right order and logic. And I made a handy map to see what goes where and what corners are missing. So in other words, full speed ahead!


All the best to you and I will let you know what's up in another 3 months or so!

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You should definitely finish

You should definitely finish the game in KNP, especially if you enjoy it more! The game being fully made in KNP and reaching all its limitations feels like such a big part of this project's cred to me. I'm sure there are even a couple of people on this site who'd prefer to play a KNP version.

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Hi Sergio! I probably will,

Hi Sergio! I probably will, since it is a 1000 times more intuitive and familiar for me, after so many years of use. However, I will make the standalonein MMF - because this way I can avoid the 255 level limit, which - believe it or not - starts to be an obstacle for me! (Or maybe it just means I should make this obstacle into a platform, haha)