Fwoosh! (updated again)

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EDIT 2; Added two new game modes!
EDIT 1; Fixed a bug where some sound effects would play even when muted.

Help a tiny little catstronaut avoid space rocks as they fwoosh through outer space in search of delicious Starberries!
Grab the Starberries to fill up your Fwoosh meter~

You can use any of the following keys to play:
X, Shift, Control, Space

'M' to toggle the sound on/off
'Escape' to instantly quit the game
'ALT' + 'ENTER' to toggle full screen on/off

Made with Game Maker, so it's Windows only, I think? Sorry!
This is my first ever actual game made with Game Maker so if it lags or crashes horribly or causes any other sort of mischief, I'm so sorry!!
Please tell me and I'll try my best to fix it as soon as possible!

Thank you so much for downloading and playing this little thing.
I'd love it if you'd post your high scores!

The game will save your best score in a .ini file, which Game Maker hides away somewhere I don't even know. (I tried to make it save to the game's folder, but couldn't figure it out) If you want to delete that, just press the 'Delete' key on the title screen and it will delete your score and the file for you!

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An event


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It's excellent and has no

It's excellent and has no technical faults I'm aware of. My high score is currently 39.

P.S. Ding ding!

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Wow, thank you!! This really

Wow, thank you!! This really made my day! c:

And that's a great score!! My high score for the old version is 50.

fwoosh is tuff

But it's fun. I can't think of anything to add more to it.. I played it with it for some time and had fun with it. uhh, 28.

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I like the simple controls

I like the simple controls and flawless movement. My high score is 38

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Thanks! c: And thank you for

Thanks! c: And thank you for playing.
Your addictive Blink is actually one of the games that inspired me to make this. So thanks for that too!

That's a great score!! The old version was kinda way too hard. I hope I fixed that, but knowing me I probably made it worse somehow, haha.

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Yay! Thank you! 28 is a

Yay! Thank you!

28 is a good score. Took me a good while to get past that and I made the game.

Sorry for making it so hard. Hopefully the new version is less frustrating!

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I've changed quite a lot of

I've changed quite a lot of things, so if you downloaded the very first version, you might want to give the new one a try.
I think this will be the final version. There are plenty of things I'd like to add such as achievements/medals, more characters and obstacles, but I think I'll save that for another game.

Any sort of feedback or ideas on how to improve it are super welcome. <3 Thanks for playing!

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This new version is great!

This new version is great! My only complaint is the mysterious column of light purple pixels that's appeared on the left side of the game window...

RUSH: 27

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Aaaah I can't believe I

Aaaah I can't believe I missed that! Thanks, just fixed it!

(and it's disappointingly not very mysterious at all... it's just a tiled background that I used when designing the screens in gamemaker, to tell where one screen ends and another one begins. the game is really just one big 'room' and the camera moves about when you enter a new 'screen'. probably a silly way to do it but I was too scared to try anything more complicated than that. I'm super forgetful and I simply forgot to remove it this time)

Interesting to see you did best at the limited mode, which I thought would be the hardest one.

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This is great! I have seen so many games with the Flappy Bird mechanic, but I think this is the best thing next to the original that I have played (though that game was based on other games, you know what I mean though). I think the sort of idea of exploration and collecting adds a lot to this. I also really dig the art.

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Nice game. I like the cute

Nice game. I like the cute sprites the most! :) I'm terrible at the game though...