A Video Game From the Future!

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GREETINGS, earthlings, I am Oberon Oedipus Mortimer Nieumeghen Adolf Gevaudan the XI, who is borrowing this account from my great^14 "GRAND"moRther of Marie Gevaudan, and i come to warn you of a great danger.

IN the year 4561, the TROTSKYIST SPACE APES FROM PLANET ZORKULON 6 have invade the human earth and her moon colonies. We are forced underground and have MUTATED INTO FORMS UNDESCRIBABLE. It is quite disheartening to LIVE UNDER THE FOOT OF THE SPACE APES, yet I enjoy life nonetheless. As such, In honor of my "GRAND"moRther, I have programmed a game to give you an idea of life in 4561! I hope the SPACE-TIME DIMENSIONAL WORMHOLE will not CORRUPT THE FILE I spent so many ZORKQUADLOONS on.

WASD - Engage spatial manipulation.
SPACE - Interact with spatial environment.
ESC - Exeunt Application.

I may have difficulties responding to comments due to SPACE-TIME DIMENSIONAL WORMHOLE mechanics.

UPDATE: This isn't actually a video game

Oberon Oedipus Mortimer Nieumeghen Adolf Gevaudan the XI
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An event


Future Computer

This game makes me thankful for me $100,000,000 investment of a future supercomputer. Without it I don't know what I'd do! Thanks FUTURECORP(R) for all this neato stuff!

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*Kzzzrt!* *Kzzzrt* You made

*Kzzzrt!* *Kzzzrt* You made a *Kzzzrt* Good choice! *Kzzch*


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Is this for "WEIRD GAME

Is this for "WEIRD GAME MARATHON 1 : ALL CAPS LOCK TITLES, STRANGE PLOTS AND GALACTICAL ENDEAVOURS !"? If so you should make sure it's listed under that even so people can play it on GloriousTrainwrecks.exe.

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*kzzzrt* *kzzzrt* No "GAME

*kzzzrt* *kzzzrt* No "GAME MARATHON" in the *kccch* future, SPACE APES may notice *kzzzrt*


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