Shadow Wrangler

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It's been awhiiiiiile

Hey, y'all. This is my first new (completed) game in two years. Snapped it together quickly.

This is a little bit Lemmings, a little bit The Incredible Machine, but you're running around with the little shadows trying to wrangle them into the right place.

Ten stages!

Hope you enjoy!

4/1/2015: UPDATE adds auto-save and level restart functions

John D. Moore
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Nice design! I got up to

Nice design! I got up to stage 10, but it was too frustrating for me and I gave up.

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Thanks for checking it out!

Thanks for checking it out! There's a real possibility I delight too much in making games too hard.

All you really missed was a silly win screen.

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I played the first 6 levels,

I played the first 6 levels, the gameplay itself was great, I felt like the puzzles were really going somewhere, but the fact that I couldn't restart the 7th level when I got stuck was irritating.

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That's super irritating!

That's super irritating! Sorry, I didn't realize it was possible to get yourself stuck and unable to kill yourself on any of the levels. I'll see if I can't make some time later this week to add in a simple restart function.

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Fixed! Added a level restart

Fixed! Added a level restart function. Press R to restart a level.

Also, if you quit the game, press L at the title screen to load from your last level.

I also made level 10 ever slightly more lenient.