destructive chaos

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UPDATE : due to many requests, I hosted this game directly on glorious trainwrecks.

A game about war. Use wasd + mouse.

might be disturbing

Made For: 
An event


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Pretty interesting. No

Pretty interesting. No explicit ending, I guess?

Is there a reason you never upload games here directly, nuuup?

well, glorious trainwrecks

well, glorious trainwrecks does not accept .exe files, sadly :(

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Zip it up!

Put it in a zip folder!

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Or else ask me nicely to add

Or else ask me nicely to add .exe uploading support!

(I don't see a particularly good reason not to do so, any objections? "Security" seems like a fairly thin reason given that a core part of participating in the community is downloading and running random executables.)

ok then ! so i think i

ok then ! so i think i should add it to a .zip folder...

How about .mid?

I'll take a .mid if you're offering extra extension support. May I have a .mid?

excuse me ?

excuse me ?

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You should already be able

You should already be able to upload .mid files as attachments to posts / comments! Check out this post that's chock-full o' midis.



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