Trainwreckers to the Rescue 2: Spindley is Missing!

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It's been 2 years since Trainwreckers to the Rescue, one of my so well produced games for this site, mainly for the people here on Glorious Trainwrecks, and it was good enough to keep it there for now, until then i now wished for a SEQUEL, yes, you guessed it (or maybe not), a freaking SEQUEL!!! Because i was tired of playing the same stuff of the game again and again, and while i was outside of the work i made many thoughts for this game, and then, since i was guilty for using Flerppy without permission, our fellow creator of the character (and his other famous series, Mulder and Bolder) Jonny Smeby has gave me permission to use it, but he stated i shouldn't contain much violence, obscenity, swearing, etc...yeah, i found out i was a dumb ass at the dialogue that in few scenes i included swear words and i am afraid i might run into a risk the next time if i certainly do put swearing again (and yeah, i don't bet i can add lots of violence), because i've been taught that this game would have not contained vulgarity, but yeah, i noticed it, not to mention that the platform movement is also old and crap as you'd expect, and i have planned the sequel will certainly try to fix the problems from the game as possible.

The sequel will may promise many things:
- An accurate and new story plot which will take place after TTTR1, where SpindleyQ is disappeared due to an evil occurence by a mysterious evil organization.
- Possibly a cleaner and beatiful GUI, instead of that no-border gradient bar, i'd expect a more graphical bar.
- New characters, yeah, certainly with sprites by someone else who is great than me (i have everythingstaken who is in my service).
- I will try to get used with the Platform Movement Object, as it offers a better platform movement and no bugs (however the problem there is the collisions and there has much events to be made)
- Instead of just making (long) levels, there will be Worlds, no this is not even a Mario fangame.

I will likely start working on the project whenever i get enough stuff to work on the game.