Smoking Behavior

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Is this an interactive PSA about the dangers of smoking or an advergame for an unknown brand of cigarettes? The answer is yes.
(Inspired by this: )

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I remember hearing about a

I remember hearing about a way that I could play KnP games on my 64bit system... Was it dosbox??

Well, you own MMF2

one of the easiest ways would be to open the project in MMF2 and if all goes well it should run without a problem. There might be some compatibility issues of course, but that goes with the territory. but yeah, open it and test game/world/whatever they call it

Alternatively you could use dosbox+windows 3.1

Alternatively you could do Glorioustrainwreck dot exe and run it that way.

And lastly, push for the author to make it flash compatible and then just make it a flash game anyone could use.

I thought I commented on this one

Either I dreamed it or didn't click post, or both. I liked it though. It felt a little drawn out, but I think that was part of the effect too. The old man klipart is one of my favorite characters.. i like how he also shows up in the group too. It's a really fun guy so I express bias when I see it. That said I thought it was a cool little minigame where stuff is floating around and you just sort of do stuff without an express reason of why you're doing it. I guess it sort of reminds me of the stuff I make, but with more focus on one area and a potential advanced something or another mechanic I'm not getting. It was a good Icebox choice and apologies for not speaking on its behalf earlier . There was a nice song playing at the end but I think I clicked through too fast and went straight to the restart. might play it again to hear it.