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I shouldn't have stayed up trying to finish this game, I am really tired and have to wake up in 4 hours. :-/

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I'm sorry to say I'm finding

I'm sorry to say I'm finding this less enjoyable than its predecessor. But I think there's a trick to it I haven't figured out yet.

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How come? Are you stuck?

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I spent a long time

I spent a long time navigating between savepoints in the room in the above screenshot. Was that a lost cause?

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Haha, yeah, it's a pretty

Haha, yeah, it's a pretty different game than the other one. It's just linked narrative and thematically and in process. There's a trick to that level. Lost cause in what sense?

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that's cool!

I don't know about dragon ball z, but I think I won the Goku. I fought #19 and Dr. Gero. I also figured out how to climb up the level once I got all the powers, but I just fell off the side and died in the void. Is that what happens in the cell saga?

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Yeah, kinda, sorta. I'm wondering how you climbed up the level, I want to try to figure that out.