Juni in the Haunted House

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Whoo! I am so glad to be done with this level.

Anyway, this is an old level of mine from way back (like, 2010 back) that I decided to finish up for Knytt of the Month Klub. Except that I went two days into overtime, but okay. Anyway, the basic gist of it is, Juni must explore a haunted house in order to learn its secrets. And get keys, endings, and junk. And that's all I'll say about it for now. If you see any bugs, please let me know, as I didn't test this level as thoroughly as I could have.

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I completed it and enjoyed

I completed it and enjoyed it and encountered no bugs!

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I'm glad to hear you

I'm glad to hear you encountered no bugs (although that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't there, mind). Thank you!

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Nice level, very polished

Nice level, very polished and with a lot of replay value! I liked the way you set the paths leading to the different endings.

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Thank you! I was originally

Thank you! I was originally considering a more traditional "locked door" approach for the endings, but very late in development (like, a week ago actually) I came up with the idea for the lockway.

loved it!

I played it through 3 times. i got the best ending the second time, {spoiler coming} i'm tempted to try for the other endings!
The castle type areas are graphically pleasing and the buildings you navigate around are great! Plenty of challenge and overall fun experience.

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Haha, nice! Thanks for the

Haha, nice! Thanks for the kind words!

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whoa, i played the level a

whoa, i played the level a week ago, enjoyed it, and forgot to comment, but i didn't get the yellow key the first time, so i was locked out of the good ending without realizing it. now i enjoyed it even more than the first time.