Nano Dragon 100

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Nano Dragon 100 is a small game that plays like a turn-based Chip's Challenge. Can you make it through all 100 levels?

Arrow keys - Move
X, Space, Enter - Wait a turn
Z - Undo
R - Restart level

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An event


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This is lovely!! Great job

This is lovely!! Great job on 100 levels... They're so charming!

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Fantastic! Just really

Fantastic! Just really wonderfully realized and cleverly put together.

THIS IS TOPS, I finished the

THIS IS TOPS, I finished the whole thing. Felt like a hidden gem I would find on an old shareware CD.

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Really nice! Congrats on

Really nice! Congrats on reaching 100.

Level 50 stumped me for a while in a retrospectively hilarious way that you probably planned to happen. I also loved how in level 90 you have to just assume what will happen (and it does). There were a few levels, somewhere in the 91-95 range that felt a little too tedious to me in terms of the repetitive tasks required, but the last few following that were really pleasing. That you managed to keep things fresh for 100 levels is an amazing achievement in itself. I'm thankful you didn't put in any extremely difficult puzzles that would have halted my progress, too.

I love Nano Dragon!

I love Nano Dragon!