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KNPUtil v1.0

OK, it's about time I released this stuff!

KNPUtil is a collection of 3 utilities for fiddling with Klik & Play games:

  1. knpextract: a tool for extracting resources from Klik & Play games
  2. knpgen: a tool for generating random "screenshots" from resources extracted from Klik & Play games
  3. knpmangle: a tool for generating new Klik & Play games from old Klik & Play games by messing with their resources

KNPExtract and KNPGen have been released before. This release brings much improved image loading times to both tools, as well as support for 16-bit images. KNPExtract also now can generate animated GIFs from animations, extract sounds and music, and provide meaningful filenames to everything it extracts.

Detailed usage instructions are in the readme. The tools are all designed to do something cool if you drag Klik & Play games onto the EXEs from Windows, but KNPMangle especially rewards a deeper understanding of its commandline options.

If you're getting error messages when you try to run the EXE, you may need to install the Visual C++ 2008 Runtime from Microsoft.


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