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Player Adventure - The DrBlowhole EditioN!

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Note: This is the game before the events of The Player Aventur.

Prepare for a madness of black & white screwup with the new Player Adventure edition based from Black Squirrel's classic Player Adventure!
This game contains:

+ over 20+ missions with challenging stuff!
+ The Q and R missions are back! This time they got a change.
+ Save the Dragoon of mystery from being dead!
+ New black and white monsters you'll encounter during the game!

WARNING: Like Player Adventure, this game contain flashing lights, window control abuse and even some other crap which makes your eyes hurt, play at your own risk and watch out.

P.S. Bambi appears as a cameo...

V1.0.1 fixes:
- Removed the Secret levels, it was a scrapped idea.
- Fixed the last route's redirection to the final level.

DrBlowhole20 (the game) and Black Squirrel (Player 1)
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