Dungeons: Ace Alpha


The world is in peril.

Countless aeons ago, the forces of darkness were sealed away from the world, hidden in the ancient Titan's Complex. Now, the seal is weakening, and it's up to you to put an end to the madness once and for all.

Journey into the forgotten depths, and conquer the ancient Dungeon.


    The Rune System - craft equippable runes, which influence stats and abilities
    180 Skills - 12 groups of six offensive, six defensive, and three special abilities based around themes
    Challenging encounters to test your RPG skill
    ATB System
    Two modes - Classic Mode and Puzzle Mode
    An OST in the making

The Rune System
You can use the crafting system to turn items and weapons from the dungeon into raw materials - Magic Tears, Fire Tears, Ice Tears, and Lit Tears. These tears can then be used to create new weapons and armor, as well as runes.

Runes grant your characters new abilities to use in battle, as well as influence their stats as they level up. After Dungeon Level 5, you'll gain the ability to create Runes.

See it in action here:

Loads of Skills
180 unique skills. Find the proper balance for your characters and create synergy with your team!

Here's just a few of them:

Challenging Encounters
Just an example here: This is the floor 5 boss (video from an early version: it looks better in final). Each of your characters have a few innate skills - and this boss tests your mastery of those skills:

ATB System
Taken to its logical conclusion: as well as the basic charge-bar, get action, you also have characters that can interrupt opponents ATB bars as well as skills that uses all of your teammate's ATB.

Classic and Puzzle Mode
Classic's similar to how the other Dungeons releases went: descend through a randomly generated dungeon, getting powerups throughout. Puzzle mode's different: More of a static dungeon, similar to what you'd find in any RPG like Dragon Quest. Multiple scenarios in Puzzle Mode, it's more of a side quest to Classic.

In the making; where tracks haven't yet been composed, some placeholders will be used. Here's a few examples:

Title Theme

Demo Version Now Availible
Note that due to its incomplete status, floors aren't random and the crafting system isn't fully implemented.

Credits and Stuff:
Yanfly, Yami, Khas, Zerbu, Victor, modern algebra, TDS

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