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Roomba: The Game


I was on Twitter recently saying how there aren't enough games in which you're a Roomba.

So here's a game where you're a Roomba. Clean up as much dirt as you can in 45 seconds (timer measures half-seconds), getting bonus time for each dirt speck collected.

Arrow keys control the dang thing; you can't move forward while turning (intentional behavior).

Roomba sprite reference

Music is based on plugging in the name "Renegade Roomba" into Dunc's Algomusic IIIb.

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Breakanoid Ball

Breakanoid Ball.png

Another one of my Breakanoid riffs. This time you are the ball! Steering by tapping the left and right keys, striking the bottom will lose you time.

I will probably do a more considered game with all these experiments when I'm finished.

Rylie James Thomas
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