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Roomba: The Game


I was on Twitter recently saying how there aren't enough games in which you're a Roomba.

So here's a game where you're a Roomba. Clean up as much dirt as you can in 45 seconds (timer measures half-seconds), getting bonus time for each dirt speck collected.

Arrow keys control the dang thing; you can't move forward while turning (intentional behavior).

Roomba sprite reference

Music is based on plugging in the name "Renegade Roomba" into Dunc's Algomusic IIIb.

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Breakanoid RC

Breakanoid RC.png

A one level test of my Breakanoid with Race car / tank controls idea. I definitely want to develop this further.

The ball bounces of all edges without penalty, but there is a time limit.

Rylie James Thomas
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you're a space marine! your enormous bulk and tank controls are a boon when fighting space monsters, but it sure gets in the way when you're trying to shop for groceries! pick up a carton of eggs, but try not to rack up your bill too high in the process!

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