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It's been about 5 months since I released the first demo for Oh Man Go Time: Gaiden, so I figured it was overdue for a new one. There's actually a lot of new content that wasn't in the old demo; in fact, the game goes right up to the very beginning of Drugs' evil lair.

I'd also like to announce that I'm taking bit of a break from working on this. Now don't worry, I'm still planning on completing this (someday), it's just that for the time being I'd like to focus on smaller Knytt projects. Making stuff for Sergio's one-room competition has made me realize that I work better with smaller, concentrated levels than bigger, sprawling levels like this one. This doesn't mean I won't try to make more epic-sized levels in the future, just that I'll work in a couple bite-sized levels in between them.

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