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Good Comics Journalism and Robin will Never Die: Comics Alliance is being shut down

Dunno how many of you keep up with the funnybooks, but word spread out on Monday that AOL is shutting down Comics Alliance. I don't really count myself as part of the comics "scene" anymore, but the news was still just an absolute shock for me. I mean, earlier this year 1Up was shut down and my reaction was pretty meh, but they close Comics Alliance and I'm all HOLY MOTHER OF GOD SHIT SHIT NO

That must say something about me, I think.

Anyway, because I am mad autistic and don't want to see the whole site just up and disappear one day, I'm making a personal archive of the site, mostly my favorite articles and junk. Attached is part one of the Remedial Batmanology series, covering the Burton films; they're are some of my favorite comics writing (even though it's mostly just two nerds gettin' mad about Batman, go figure). This is pretty grey market, so I'd suggest you read the articles on Comics Alliance's website while it's still up.

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