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I am alive!

Welp. It's been something like 2 years since I logged into this account.

Recently I was talking to someone in a Discord chatroom I had set up for old computer collecting and he mentioned having played KnP games as a kid. I remembered this site and the KnP archive and all; and since I had still been off-and-on maintaining my site I thought I'd update this account too (after a password reset, I had forgotten the old one I put on here..).

I am combing the web for more Klik'n' Play games for the Archive. If anyone has found any on their shovelware CDs or something please PM me (and I might take SpindleyQ's offer on webspace for hosting the files from a few years ago. ;) )

Anyways, that's my little ramble. I will probably develop more games, though I've gotten rusty. Still got my CD somewhere around here.


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Why I'm in a small game developing hiatus.

I've been absent from GT a lot lately mostly due to normal life. School and stuff which doesn't lead for much time to develop new games in Klik & Play. Also, It's getting hard to think of new ideas to create games for. If you check my other games most are pong clones or bad action games which due to the K&P engine and my inexperience with side scrolling only display one setting at a time. I think another reason is because of my limited programming knowledge. I know, I can create a basic HTML page that looks like it came fresh from the '90s and would be best viewed on Netscape (evident on my website: ) , create simple text based Batch RPGs and make some semi advanced games in K&P. But I've tried other game dev tools and they are simply too advanced or too complex for me to make a good game. Trying Game Maker Studio put me off because of the absence of stock graphics and drawing my own made it look like I tried to make a Kimberly Kubus-esque game and failed miserably.

Anyways I do have a few games on hold I'd beenworking on last year that I hope i have the time to post soon.

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Games in development

Here are some games in development that I'm too lazy to post to the site.

Cement Truck Wars [only got the title screen so far]
The Thanksgiving Game [was gonna finish this on thanksgiving 2014 but it got too late]
Texas alien massacre [I just gotta finish perfecting the winning screen]
Midi player 30000 [sequel to midi player 9000 with non-stock knp midis]

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I'm Back


I'm back from the dead.

I just haven't the time to upload games any more, and now that I'm focusing on quality, not quantity, for my Klik and Play Games, it's taking more than half an hour to create one.

SPR9Monkey Games is working on a game called Cops and Robbers, and we've got roughly 3 frames completed. It will be up when we are finished.

Current projects:
Submarine Wars (kind of like a war between you and another enemy)
Music Player (scraping this project, it was very buggy)

I will update soon.

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