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During the development of TTTR...

For KotMK #74, i should make a yellow jogger game once it is almost the day of KotMK.

EDIT: I can't be bothered to do Yellow Jogger Man, it has some time to do and finishes when KotMK ends, so well i'm working on Chip's Battle now.
EDIT2: I have no idea what i should work on, well maybe just TTTR.

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Back from vacation!

Hey guys, i'm back from vacation!

And it maybe got very fast internet here! :D

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Going back home soon

Hey guys, today soon i'm going back home via airplane, which howeverly i have unlimited internet at home.
But the only thing i like is liking to stay on this island :(

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The 2009-2010 Shame Collection!

Even if i uploaded the game after i should make this blog post about my collection:

Are you bored? Check out my early trainwreck collection here!

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Trainwreckers to the Rescue

I was bored, i didn't have do any project this year, so you guys want to get excited for the next game i'm gonna make?

I'm gonna make Trainwreckers to the Rescue!

If you want to get featured in my game, be sure to send your sprites of your original character made by yourself shown in the avatar or not in the avatar and fill out this:

Weapon: Put your weapon.
Speed: Put your speed stat with + (Maximum 10 plusses)
Jump: Put your jump stat with + (Maximum 10 plusses)
Powers: Put your special powers.

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TSMA2 Update #4: 2nd Prototype Demostration

Today i am about to make another prototype of TSMA2.

The prototype just contains 3 frames which aren't gameplay: The "Presents", The text intro and the title screen/press start screen.
Anyways go ask some ideas please on these posts: or

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We got another spam bot which has spammed his comments on your blogs and games.

First those spambots who they make fake blogs, now this?

We really need more privacy.

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TSMA2 Update #3: Stop n Swop Items Leakening

TSMA2 Update 3.png

Yet another update of the upcoming sequel to my "not-so garbage" masterpiece The Super Mozart Adventure.

Let's talk about the famous Stop n Swop feature included in the game, including some items present on the game, which there are too many to collect in order to bring TSMA2's game completion into 100%. There are 5 types available:


  1. Mystery Eggs: The mystery eggs from Banjo Kazooie return, like in that game, they are on the secret area of a a level, one on each level. But one change has made: Each of these eggs haves elements: 1. Fire, 2. Coal, 3. Thunder, 4. Earth, 5. Wind, 6. Water, 7. Psycho and 8. Virus. None of these eggs elements are on places that represent their elements, they appear in casual places, like in Banjo Kazooie.

  1. Sacred Stars: The sacred stars are found like the Mystery Eggs' hidden area, there are few of the sacred stars. Each sacred star is guarded by a creatured which compares the color of the star who is from Commander Keen, he asks you to complete a secret level which is a minigame before you get a sacred star. Their names with guards are: 1. Star of Kick-ass (Shmoo), 2. Star of Happiness (Flect), 3. Star of Sickness (Blooguard) and 4. Star of Weirdness (Shikadi Master).

  1. Playstation Geometries: The "more rare" symbols of the Playstation. There are 4 symbols that can be found: Green Triangle, Red Circle, Lavender Cross and Pink Square. They're found when you click something on the menu screens, when you click something you get redirected to the level where you first have to fight the symbol as a secret boss battle, the symbol has each power depending on the symbol (Green Triangle can shoot triangles that directs at the player, Red Circle can shoot bouncing circles, Lavender Cross can use its cross crosshair, once it has pointed to the player, it shoots, and the Pink Square can shoot squares that once collided to the wall or the square it's stopped and become a wall for a bit, but after few seconds, it becomes red to protect from the player.), once they're beated, they will disappear firstly with small particles of their copies, then after spawned particles, they will explode and spawns as an collectable item.

  1. Player Family/Player Adventure Mystery Egg: There are Player 2, Player 3, Player 4 and Player 5 which they're similar to Player 1, they need to be rescued by completing the input levels (you have to put the code, password or a word), which they're hard due that you have to get the codes from the Player Adventure series (these are hard to find these, oh noes) and you'll recieve a Player Adventure Mystery Egg (there are 4 eggs: Q (Player 2), R (Player 3), O (Player 4) and Tilde (Player 5)).

  1. Hello Fangaming Logo: The "ultimate" rare item you'll (n)ever find. The item is the logo of the "infamous" Hello Fangaming, which shows a weirdo red gradiented white outlined face who is also summoned by Mario in Super Mario: Turd Feast while fighting Smoky the Bear, and also found in his new year games of Hello Fangaming's splash logo. He can be found ONLY if you had collected all Mystery Eggs, Sacred Stars, Playstation Geometries and the Player Adventure Mystery Eggs, which they're hard to collect them all, once you have collected these, you can be able to find him in the stop n swop room, then challenged with a minigame and unlock the True Final Boss in order to get a 100% completion.

After collecting all of the stop n swop items, you get a huge Platinum trophy of the Omnipotent state, which rends you a omnipotent player for completing and finding the secrets of the game.

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For SpindleyQ: New logos

This is DrBlowhole20, i have made new logos for the site Glorious Trainwrecks and the new site Glorious Planewrecks.

They're on the attachments.

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Wiki improvements!

We have good news, you can now make really wiki pages of this wiki.

Here's how:

Make a link to a title of a empty wiki page, then go into the page and click edit.

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