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Hello folks!

As many of you are aware, the Internet Archive has announced that they now support running Windows 3.1 software in your browser. Anyone can upload old Windows games to the Internet Archive, and they will become playable immediately, with a strong promise of being preserved forever.

Much of this site's history is written in Klik & Play, and Klik & Play is a pain in the ass to get working on a modern PC. So I am excited by the prospect of preserving and making playable again these weird games that we made together years ago.

I have always publicly promised to ensure that your games will not vanish once they have been uploaded here. At some point, I would like to do a dump of _all_ Glorious Trainwrecks games to the Internet Archive, just so that if I were to get hit by a bus and stop paying the server bill, it wouldn't all disappear.

But there is a huge difference between "I uploaded a 26gb zip of everything someplace for safekeeping, other people can grab and mirror and dig through it if they want" and "here is a direct link to YOUR OLD THING, running with a single click, in a place you didn't expect to see it". The more I upload stuff, the more I feel it. So.

If you contributed old Klik & Play games and want them saved, get in touch. Reply to this thread, PM me, tweet me, whatever. I will put your stuff up and make it playable. But I'm not going to do it without your permission*. And if you want only some of it up, or if I put stuff up that you later decide you'd rather stay buried**, I will respect that and take it down.

I plan on attempting to get in touch directly with many of the people who are no longer active community members who nevertheless helped shape the culture of Glorious Trainwrecks in its early days, and asking for their permission to post stuff. I really would love to see lots of the stuff which has become inaccessible over time become available again. There has been some incredible work done in our history; we should keep it alive.

* Before I decided this for certain, I uploaded some Action Point 2009 demos by qrleon, mojofltr, and Strong without getting in touch with them. I plan to get in touch with them very soon to confirm that this is OK.

** A personal example: In the Year One collection, there is a Klik & Play valentine I made for my now-ex-wife. I decided that I was OK with not having that be instantly playable in your browser.

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Hey, I'm definitely interested in having all my KNP things up and accessible.

I've been meaning to have a crack at getting them up myself, so if you're busy just... remind me to do it.

(also I didn't know about that wiki, so thanks for that too)

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Internet Archive BBSoft update

I should mention that 95% thanks to Spindley you can find all my KNP games at:

I've also uploaded some things:

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i am very okay with my

i am very okay with my klikstuff also existing in a place that isn't this place

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I feel kinda ehhhhhhhhh

I feel kinda ehhhhhhhhh about my earlier GT stuff in general but feel free to upload Sentient Cake.

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i'm relatively new to the

i'm relatively new to the site, less than a year, but it seems to me it would be good to have a backup of the whole site. (sure, could exist as a multiterabyte archive somewhere, a torrent, etc).

separately, would be a nice project to post klik n play stuff to

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i'd be honored to have my

i'd be honored to have my games up on the internet archive from back in the foreman m. vyers days, man. honestly, i don't remember if any of my games were compiled in KNP, but if there are any, then they're fair game.

Oh, didn't know you were

Oh, didn't know you were waiting on permission. Feel free to upload my stuff. (I'll PM you as well in case you miss this post, what with my epic lateness.)