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I don't have a ton to say about this, it's just about some stuff that's been on my mind recently. Also, wanted to make a moderate-sized thing to try and figure out unity.

It's a fairly big download (~100MB).

18/03/14 Update:
- Numerous minor text adjustments/refinements
- Game now starts from the title screen, which also displays the controls
- Walking speed in the mine has been increased
- Can immediately quit the game at any time by pressing ESC
- Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience

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An event


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I love it. Interesting in so

I love it. Interesting in so many ways. As someone who has played a lot of Unity games but never attempted to make one, it comes off as the work of a master. Also, I made a GIF and posted it on here.

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Thank you! That's a really

Thank you! That's a really cool blog; it's a little harder to find smaller games nowadays and I appreciate that you're curating them :)

That wikihow game is incredible.

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Interesting combination of related unconventional genres such as "walking-sims", visual novels or interactive fiction, and vignette games. My favorite parts were the ways to advance the dialogue by something rather than simply clicking like the passport and dish section. I am partially glad you didn't only do that because it might have felt like a gimmick, but I wonder what it would have been like otherwise, like if it would have felt too much like dys4ia. I think the use of repetitive actions and the framework that feels more like a visual novel leads me to believe no. Anyways, this was a unique experience! Very unique story too.

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Thanks! I thought about

Thanks! I thought about including more "interactive" bits, but I wanted it to feel like the story 1) belonged to someone else and 2) got away from her as it progressed. I'm trying a little harder to do what's natural for the game without overthinking it too much, or worrying about what genre it is. I do think it's important to think about that stuff in retrospect though, so thank you for your critique - it gave me something to think about for future projects.

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Some of the details about

Some of the details about the reality of travel rang true to my own experiences. I enjoyed this story being told in game form where sounds, images, and spaces can create a sense of various places so well. Point Nemo reminded me of descriptions by friends of mine who have been in the U.S. Merchant Marine.

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Fantastic game. I

Fantastic game. I appreciated it as a character study, for its world building, and as a well-considered parable. Usually when I play writing-heavy games, it's hard to give my attention over; but from the beginning of this game I felt like I should pay close attention, and it was worth it.

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Very interesting, a good

Very interesting, a good piece, I feel.

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I was playing

I was playing Stiupid Galaxy and was reminded of this one so I played it again. I continue to enjoy it.

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Wow. This game is amazing.

Wow. This game is amazing. Beautiful storytelling, I love it.