Tunnel Game January 2017

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Game File (Linux): 

'esc' to quit
'r' to restart
'wasd' to move
'space' to jump

I used Oculus Medium to sculpt the corridors and figure.
Meshlab was used to simplify the geometry and turn the vertex colors into a uv map.
The patterns are artifacts from experimentation with that process.
The tambourine is taken from Vet Trip's song "Finland"
I used Audacity to grab that.
The main song is "Many Rivers To Cross" performed by UB40
I also may have used MeshMixer at some point for geometry simplification.
Really I was just trying to figure out a good process for putting these tunnels I make in Medium into Unity.

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An event


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Yesterday I added a bunch of

Yesterday I added a bunch of visual effects to the tunnel game and also recorded a Let's Play of Medium where I sculpt a space and then paint in it. The resulting model was large so I reduced it in Meshlab. I didn't understand the relationship between vertex-color images and number of vertices until yesterday. This actually set me into a bit of a spin since my plan had been to make a bunch of rooms to release at once.
Finishing this up, and then sleeping really helped me reset. That Unity project was actually called "Mesh Test" so developing it was becoming more and more difficult since I was just experimenting with import and reduction settings and then getting confused about what was what.
The interesting part to me is that I felt compelled to release it. I wanted it to exist as a game. The room I made yesterday I also have similar desires for, but below 450mb the resolution makes it something completely different so I'm settingly with recording a Let's Play of a local build rather than uploading it.
Anyway, there is something pertinent about publishing Tunnel Game January 2017. I'm developing a sense of when I feel a simulated spaces is a complete idea.

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the visuals, music, sounds,

the visuals, music, sounds, and space all work together really well. the intro to the song lasted just about long enough for me to notice the lower area and descend into it as the vocals were coming together, and the strange textures + the tambourine sound made it feel like the area was made of crystals. The human[oid?] mesh in the cave was neat to find as well. The water planes have an interesting effect of looking like liquid when you see at them from above, but once you're underneath them you don't see them anymore, so there's a visual and effective distinction at the moment when you pass through, but not after.

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I didn't entirely like how

I didn't entirely like how the texture disappears suddenly once you go through it but I had a hard time thinking of a solution. I'd ratger have it fade away as you get closer to it than have it appear above you. Maybe I can adjust the alpha channel of the texture the closer you get to it.

Btw, I made another mesh to walk around last night and just dropped it in the scene (taking this one out) and it worked startling well. I'm gonna put some more lights in, tune it a little, and add another music track.

Had a chance to explore

Had a chance to explore this, and now I understand what you folks were talking about. :)

Tranquil, alien, and still friendly landscape to explore, and yes I completely agree with the notion that the visuals and sound combine together wonderfully. The figure was a pleasant surprise.

Best of success with your experimentation, clyde! :D

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Your experimentation really

Your experimentation really paid off, the lumpy & organic feeling of the architecture is really pretty and it's something that I haven't seen in a video game before. Love the textures also.

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Night Walker

Wow, this kind-of reminds me of NaissanceE... which is one of my favourite games?