Beauty within its flaws

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A game I made to commemorate Mosh Boys accomplishment of completing their 1000 game makers twitter thread:

Beauty within its flaws is a game about being ugly, weird and bizarre with its visuals, controls, abilities and its possibilities.

And sometimes it decides it doesn't want to be any of those things and to just be itself and do what it wants to do.

Made For: 
An event


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You certainly managed to

You certainly managed to suggest a larger than expected possibility space.

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Very good. I think there is

Very good. I think there is a lot I still haven't seen.

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the enemies were kind of

the enemies were kind of pointlessly repetitive, i get that this was trying to feel broken, but a bit more variety in that aspect would've been better maybe. Besides that i enjoyed it a good amount, overloading people with arbitrary controls is fun.