The 529-in-1 Klik & Play Pirate Kart II: Kart Harder Appreciation Thread

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You lovely, lovely people. Congratulations to you all.

If my SQL-fu is correct, there were 102 of you who contributed to this beautiful thing. That's nearly as many people as the last Pirate Kart had games. 50 of you contributors signed up for the site less than a day before it started. That's amazing. I can't thank everyone enough. Some of your work is astonishing, some of your work is terrible, and all of your work is appreciated. Be proud.

If you haven't already, please post a bio for inclusion in the Pirate Kart compilation. You don't have to give your real name, or a real picture of yourself, or anything -- though you can, if you like. It's simply what will show up as an "about the author" when the player clicks on your game(s) in the menu. Feel free to have fun with it. Have a peek at the existing bios for inspiration, if you like.

I've heard a lot of people asking when the compilation will be ready. The answer is, probably within a couple of weeks. The menu rewrite is going smoothly; I'm hoping to go from "ugly and unusable" to "thematically-appropriately ugly and borderline usable". Those of you who have ever booted up a Windows 95 shareware CD-ROM will understand what I'm going for.

A few people have asked how they can help. The best way to help, in general, is to play some games, comment on them, and mark your favourites. You may have noticed an "Add to favorites" link at the bottom of each game; when you like a game a lot, click it! Not only can people see which games you like by clicking on your user name, but I'll be able to incorporate this information into the compilation menu, providing a roadmap to the unmissable gems scattered within the daunting truckload of games that is the Pirate Kart.

Once again: Thank you all for making games and being a part of this remarkable event! I hope many of the newcomers stick around and make some more games with us for the March Klik of the Month Klub.

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I'm still amazed that we

I'm still amazed that we managed to get over 500 games into this thing.

By the way, I've faved 35 games so far. Would like to see others faving some as well.

There's now a "random" link at the top of the games list which can help introduce you to some games you might have missed out on during the madness.

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this is probably something

this is probably something you've given thought to already, but there isn't any way the compilation can be windows 3.1 compatible, is there? because most of these games do not get along with my windows seven.

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Maybe an "all KnP" edition?

Maybe an "all KnP" edition? With just the Klik games, and a win 3.1 launcher?

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i am sad. but don't really

i am sad.
but don't really disagree.

it's funny, it's like there's this certain generation of laptop you need... like, XP 32, that can play both the oldand new stuff.

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Makes me kinda wish we had a

Makes me kinda wish we had a Klik & Play emulator, or that Windows 3.1 could somehow be released as freeware (yeah right, judging by the nature of Microsoft).

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An operating system, actually

If you run a 64 bit OS on the any of the new Intel, AMD or VIA Nano processors, you can't run 16-bit software. This includes Klik & Play and it's games. the 64 bit versions of Windows 2003/XP/Vista/7 can't run Klik & Play games, which were designed for the 16-bit Windows 3.1. However, if you run the 32-bit versions of these OSes, they'll run just fine.

I keep thinking that we all need to make a KnP interpreter for the modern 64-bit computers, so that we can run Klik games on those. In fact, why don't we start writing a creator program to go with it? It doesn't have to be Windows-dependent, nor should it be. My personal reason for this is that I'm on the Mac OS, and I don't have access to a Windows computer a lot of the time. This is why I want the interpreter to be as platform independent as possible, so that I can be able to play all your games.

Self-righteous venting aside, surely there must be someone in this community who is coding savvy enough to step up to the challenge.

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I keep thinking about doing

I keep thinking about doing just that.

It would take a loooong time is all.

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Well, like they say...

There's no time like the present. Don't think about the time it will take. Just think about the task at hand, and always remember to keep your goal in sight.

I'd write a KnP interpreter myself, but barely know anything about coding in any conventional programming language. That and I'm lazy. :P

I wonder if you can open KnP .gam files in The Games Factory?

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Yes, you can, actually. You

Yes, you can, actually. You may suffer one or two bugs though, due to issues in conversion. For example, in a game imported from KnP, objects are set to not destroy themselves automatically when they wander too far from the playfield, even though they are by default in TGF (and forced to in KnP). There are also changes in behavior between the two that are worth noting, such as how "repeat while joystick is pressed" events are handled - in Klik & Play, you are required to press down all of and ONLY those buttons/directions that are set (which can be really, really frustrating). In The Games Factory, you only need to hold down those buttons/directions at minimum - you can have a "repeat while Fire 2 is pressed" and have it still work if you're pressing Fire 2 and Right at the same time.

I'm wondering if I should start using TGF for all my trainwrecks, seeing as it's just much easier to work in, and it's 32-bit.

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You should probably disable

You should probably disable game submitting now.

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Well, I think we might try

Well, I think we might try to start using the same form for KOTMKs. If anyone tries to post games post-kart weekend, I'll make sure to demote them.

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Eleven pages of games yeah!

I am fully surprised that we even got a couple of Unity games on there. It's like going from the Super Nintendo to the Playstation in the same generation.

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Also Blender games...

Don't forget about those!

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Doooo eeet.

Cross-Platform Kart

Someone should take the time to make a cross-platform Pirate Kart containing only the Flash, Unity and interactive fiction games.

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Kross-platform Kart

There, fixed the name. ;)

529 is a square number

The games ought to be arranged in 23 sets of 23 games.

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sjsu (35)Kitoari (34)Klik & Play (271)
art game (24)xdonthave1xx (26)Windows [undetected exe type] (172)
virtua (20)Pizza Time (20)The Games Factory (31)
sports (17)atuun (19)Flash (12)
marek (15)qrleon (18)Unknown engine [these are mostly inform] (10)
shooter (13)L (15)Ren'py (8)
parody (12)mkapolk (15)Unity3D (8)
mouse control (11)mzo (14)Blender (3)
platformer (11)Seppel (13)Notepad (3)
shmup (10)EffBee (12)Scratch [pretty sure there were more of these] (2)
space (10)snapman (11)Processing [def. sure there were more of these] (1)
art (9)ExciteMike (10)
interactive fiction (9)SpindleyQ (9)
lame (9)Techokami (9)
physics (9)ioshiin (9)
DINOSAURS (8)zaratustra (9)
annoying (8)...
ripped sprites (8)
*these statistics may not be entirely accurate as I appear to be missing 8 games from my list right now for reasons I do not yet understand. Also my engine detection mechanisms were written in 10 minutes this morning and are not quite right yet.


I show up as 40 games on my profile.

Also, I need to favorite more games!

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You do indeed! This may

You do indeed! This may turn out to be an important clue.

Edit: Games without screenshots are not being counted! AHA.

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Heck yes we got the biggest

Heck yes we got the biggest tag