Godot is the best

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I downloaded godot like three weeks ago and it is really good and really quick for making games once you figure it out. Also, performance has not been an issue for me at all so far which is nice.
Being able to make a game in a couple of days instead of weeks or months is extremely thrilling and I am making a lot of them.
Now I am making a new slightly longer game called Salt Bug, which will be a platformer game. When I first started making it I had intentions to include a lot of metaphysical themes, but I kinda got distracted and now I've forgotten what they were, so before I can finish it, I need to remember what they were.


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out of curiosity, what sites

out of curiosity, what sites did you hit up to learn how to use it? its always intrigued me but ive never been able to crack it just yet.

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I just looked at the docs and squinted also

the docs suck and you have to have a fair bit of perserverance imo, also if you ask on their discord your chances of a decent answer are very low.
it's good though
there is also a thing like stack overflow which has some decent answers occasionally

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Dany already know's I'm a

Dany already know's I'm a Godot fan, but I didn't want to post mt endorsement!!

I really like the way 'scenes' are used in Godot. They're like little lumps of differrent componants you can plug in to levels, and when you edit them those changes are carried over. Kinda like a really cool version of Unity's prefabs?


Oh, in those links I posted there should be links to a first-person player controller and more primitives, which I've found really handy (and hopefully they'll be included in version 3 [which is the big upcoming release with lots of big improvements] ?)

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sorry for ignoring you for months

didn't see this until now sorry
thankyou nice links. I also agree that the scene thingies are good, the whole tree structure is really greart.
obviously sometimes it clashes massively with what you want to implement sometimes, but I have been thinking that that autoload thingy can probably cover a few of those cases.
this is unrelated and pointless but if you autoload a script and it has some game initialisation functiuons, you can use the enter tree function to initialise the game at whatever point that it is run so that you can start the game in any scene and have it initialised etc which I think is handy.
I made my own fps controller but it was crap and it would somehow start rotating sideways and stuff although I find it kinda cute.