Prove You Watched This Entire Unpleasant YouTube Video Using Statistical Science

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Have you ever wanted to prove that you've watched a YouTube video to a friend, but didn't have the scientific and/or statistical ability to do so? Now you do, as long as it's in this one very small set of videos! Click the orange button whenever it appears to continue watching the video. Failure to do so will result in FAILURE. Make it to the end to win an amazing prize beyond your mortal comprehension!

might not work in all browsers idk


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Real good picks for awful

Real good picks for awful videos. This is impossible.

Never thought I'd FAIL

You really had me going...Level 3 really is a nightmare.

Included a nifty screen shot of LEVEL 2.

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Oh my God, I burst out

Oh my God, I burst out laughing when the Jelly Belly mascot showed up and danced and I couldn't even be bothered to click so I failed immediately. 10/10.

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This is such an amazing

This is such an amazing concept. I guess it feels like I'm not correctly judging it without having finished a video but wow, it's tough!!

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I cheated to get the

I cheated to get the prize

It's a pretty sweet prize