Mr. Petes is the glue that holds this building together.

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Mr. Petes is the glue that holds this building together.
-a museum game where you can walk through the process of making an artgame few have played.

Use wasd and mouse to move and look around.
The game can be exited by jumping off the world or by pressing alt+f4

The original game, "Mr Petes is lost! (for hugs)" can be downloaded for play on Glorious Trainwrecks.

I decided to use this as my Introduce Yourself game because the other one I started needs a lot more love first and this felt pretty relevant to me being here on this site specifically. I'll probably upload the other game too when I finish it.

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Very cool companion piece to

Very cool companion piece to the original game, I really enjoyed discovering the underlying thought process and inspirations in such detail.

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illegal beagle

lol, this was so good! i love knowing the process behind things. everytime i watch a movie, i go on wikipedia and then imdb. every commercial game i play i also do wikipedia, read old reviews and such, and watch a speedrun if it isn't too long. i usually do this after i experience it, though.

but it's funny that i don't really do much research when it comes to indie/trashgames? lol. i have a reallllllllly short attention span and i want to play as many games as possible. tiny games accelerate that even further. so i end up missing a bunch of stuff. this past week, since my game roundup took 5 hours to do write up and get screenshots and make a cover image, i realized i ought to play less games but just more carefully. and actually, keeping track of games is a good way to remember to revisit some of them. it's kinda hard finding a balance between really getting into a game and playing as many as possible before i perish.

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I think about similar things

I think about similar things frequently. I've seen you trying to figure out techniques for remembering games exist. I'm working on it too.

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One thing that was fun about

One thing that was fun about this game was that although I was sitting beside you when you made the original and also while you made this one (and did the voice for it) I still learned a lot that I didn't know. The one about the utilitarian section really surprised me. It was awesome to read all this stuff.
The other part I liked was that it was a game about a game. I'm really feeling that. The only one I have played was that one by Julian (can't remember) based on the Increpare game (the curious case of something something) and I just loved how one interprets the other, and you can still see the original but though a different lenses. I really hope more of these happen.

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I know what you're talking about

The Strange Case Of The Serpent by Julian Palacios based on The Serpent by increpare!

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You're such a librarian

You're such a librarian

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This was awesome to walk

This was awesome to walk through! I have to say, I think this is the greatest video game museum I've ever seen. The presentation is so good, and the emotional journey it goes on is intriguing. I love especially how you play around with form even when doing an otherwise straightforward self-reflection (one of the first things I did was turn around, see the lack of a wall, and walk off into the void (also the physical gag with the fork at the very end)).

I hope, since the making of his museum, now that more people have played the full game, that you feel better about the experience!

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I wouldn't say I felt "bad"

I wouldn't say I felt "bad" about the experience, I just think I didn't execute the original game very well for interesting reasons that became apparent once it was published.
But this exhibit was enjoyable to make and it was a novel experience to redigest the experience of making the original in such a thorough way with a retrospective perspective; there were some through-lines in the decision-making that I had not payed attention to from a more objective perspective until I made this. It was totally worthwhile and I'm glad y'all are enjoying this pair of games.

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I don't have anything more

I don't have anything more to add but I liked reading this :)

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ww-what! this is a very beautiful inspirational game uuuh! I feel so silly for not having messaged that account

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I guess it was "Game Over"

I guess it was "Game Over" for you.