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Mr. Petes is the glue that holds this building together.


Mr. Petes is the glue that holds this building together.
-a museum game where you can walk through the process of making an artgame few have played.

Use wasd and mouse to move and look around.
The game can be exited by jumping off the world or by pressing alt+f4

The original game, "Mr Petes is lost! (for hugs)" can be downloaded for play on Glorious Trainwrecks.

I decided to use this as my Introduce Yourself game because the other one I started needs a lot more love first and this felt pretty relevant to me being here on this site specifically. I'll probably upload the other game too when I finish it.

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Make a Twine Game in 40 Minutes


Make a Twine Game in 40 Minutes: An intense aesthetic design select-em-up, now available!

*Mouse's underside: roll it around a flat surface to control the on-screen arrow.
*Mouse's left pressure plate: deploy a C.L.I.C.K charge, used to activate the ancient Hyper-Link artifacts that you may encounter on your quest.

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I'm Not At GDC But I Made a Game Anyway


I didn't go to GDC. Yes, I know, I'm lame. Instead, I stayed at home and made this for some reason. I have never been to GDC or any convention period, so I have no idea how accurate the stuff in this game is.

Features meta at the end. Sort of.

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