musical hors d'oeuvre

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Game File (Linux): 

Drag and drop modular delectables.

Arrange a nice platter for your guests.

The Linux build is the html file.
Some of the sounds are from:

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I like this sort of musical toy thing I feel like I've started to see many people make recently. This is a cool take, I like that it feels very Clickteam. The shapes and colors are very evocative of the sounds that they make which is pretty fun. It is fun to imagine how you could visually show different musical ideas and how you could have them interact. A friend of mine made a thing that feels like a more expansive version of what you did here. I like yours because it's this immediate toy thing that is immediately understandable and more of a toy than a game, but still lends itself to some exploration of what the mechanics are. I love when the beans collide and fall off (with maybe the pinball movement? pinball movement is so good!).

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Stereophyta looks

Stereophyta looks interesting, thanks for recommending it.

As I went along in making this over the past three days, I kept wanting to do more with each thing, but this was supposed to be a quick project that I could just publish. There is a lot of potential. I really like the idea of doing another one where some modules make different sounds based on how many times they have been hit or make some modules act differently when touching others. I also like the idea of having a dancer always on screen that has an animation frame that corresponds to each module being hit. There is a lot that can be done that is both satisfying to play with and offers deeper level interactions to doscover.

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I've been making a music thing too, haven't worked on it for a while, but maybe I should just post it here just to continue the conversation in some sort of sense. It isn't as toy like as yours and is more instrument like, but this conversation makes me more curious to something that is more toy like rather than instrument like or even more music/game like. It's also interesting thinking about how toys and instruments are different. I'd say having some tactile or visual enjoyment in addition to just producing music. Like, what is the difference between a kid's xylophone and a professional one? One has colors and pictures and maybe feels nicer to play with? Xylophones regardless are fun to play with...

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It's like Karel Appel

It's like Karel Appel invented the sequencer. Very hypnotic results. You made me realise I don't always put enough thought into sound when making games. Or more generally come to that. You made me want to listen to the world with new ears - result!

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i read this first as

i read this first as whores-de-ooh-vray and im so disappointed in myself
game's fun too