Trans Rancher Werewolves

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my friend talks about people who make red dead redemption fanart where the cowboys are trans and werewolves and I think that is a good idea outside the context of red dead "grand theft auto but with horses" redemption works.

don't forget the milk and cookies.

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this was sweet <3

this was sweet <3

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thanks... we need sweet

thanks... we need sweet games.

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so nice ~ i wish i could be

so nice ~ i wish i could be a cuddling were-buddy in the desert under the stars forever

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me too... me too...

me too... me too...

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I like that the game tells you it's over before, but it's really over when it loops, but you know you've seen everything, but I felt compelled to play it several times because I wanted to see everything. I like this format a lot.