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Trans Rancher Werewolves


my friend talks about people who make red dead redemption fanart where the cowboys are trans and werewolves and I think that is a good idea outside the context of red dead "grand theft auto but with horses" redemption works.

don't forget the milk and cookies.

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Attack of the 15 Meter Lesbian and Her GirlFriend

1167 lesbian giant.png

you and your girlfriend fight tanks and maybe a secret boss
im tired give me a break
all songs from the noise archive backup

Marie Gevaudan
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a short game about Love in all its forms.

Beloved is about love. It's about honesty, and making your way through a world full of obstacles.

Guide the lovers to the Love Repository, where they can find happiness in union.

Originally made for the 100 Themes Challenge by ~CheckerCherries, and submitted first to the Pirate Kart.

Enjoy! <3

-Nick Yonge, krangGAMES

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The Death Of Zork


The Death of Zork is a commemorative collective contagious contemporary controversial consecutive conservative cosmic constant text adventure made in the awe of the original Zork. You play as Jack The Space Sheep and have to get out of the Forest of Zork. Be warned, the game is rather difficult!

** Controls **

The controls can be changed at anytime by holding down buttons A, T, Alt and F4. Here are the defaults:

A: Ascend
B: borrow
C: cancel
D: open Door
E: examine
F: fight
G: gurgle
H: hide
I: inventory
J: be Jealous
K: Klik'n'Play
L: laugh
M: magic
N: narration
O: open
P: peer
Q: quasimodo
R: run
S: stop
T: topple over
U: use
V: vomit
W: wail
Y: jump
Z: zot at enemies

You can also try pressing control, alt and delete simultaneously to get an easier start!

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